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Review & re-energize your key projects, strategies & initiatives the F1™ way.

Are You Ready to PITSTOP?

What % of Your Team's Potential Is Being Exploited?

We can measure, model & un-lock the FULL performance potential of your unit or team.

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What's Your Return on Talent Employed?

Measure how effectively your organization taps into the talent & skill of its people.

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Are your strategic priorities on track for success?  We help ambitious leaders operating within increasingly complex and fast-changing environments to accelerate their key strategic priorities and initiatives by leveraging F1™-inspired principles and techniques.
Specifically, we enable senior executive teams to pitstop their strategic initiatives to identify risks to successful execution and tackle barriers to effective cross-functional collaboration.  All this is guided by cutting-edge data analytics and modelling.

Pitstop Your Key Projects, Strategies & Initiatives

How effectively can your team pitstop its projects, priorities & strategies?

Review & re-energize your key projects, strategies & initiatives the pitstop way.   The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify performance opportunities and exploit them fast.

The Alignment Challenge

How Effective Is Your Cross-Functional Collaboration?

Today’s complex business challenges require working across traditional functional boundaries. But that is not easy! Imagine the impact of boosting alignment by up to 21%, in just 24 weeks.

Performance Potential

What % of your unit/team’s full potential is being exploited?

Most business units and teams have a lot more to give.  Indeed, data shows that as much as 39% of the full potential of any unit or team goes unexploited*. But what about your unit/team?

Performance Analytics

Have your leaders an accurate measure of performance potential?

Built on the latest science & psychology of performance, our pioneering analytics platform measures performance potential and reveals how it can be unlocked for peak performance.

Measuring, Modelling & Unlocking Performance Potential

Offering a range of solutions to business units, leaders and teams from large and mid-tier organizations, such as:

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics, measures all of these things:

* Research across 47 markets and 12 industries, published in Pitstop to Perform™ ISBN: 978-1-907725-08-1, 2018.