Looking to Boost or Sustain the Performance of a Critical Team?

Pitstops are key to sustained performance under pressure. They re-energize leaders in tackling key business opportunities & challenges.

Pit-stopping teams don’t just optimize performance, but alignment, cohesiveness & vitality too.

Is Your Team Ready to Pitstop?

Your leaders will pitstop their key projects and priorities. The idea is just like in racing – to speedily identify what is working and systematically fix what is not.

Teams performing under pressure have the most to gain from pit-stopping. That is because going flat-out rarely delivers peak performance

Based on the principle of effective mid-race adjustment, pitstops energize and challenge critical teams in boosting their collective performance, alignment and vitality by 7-25%.  

Is Your Team Performing Under-pressure?

Pitstops are a technique for sustained performance in dynamic high-pressure environments where effective mid-race adjustment is key.

Pitstop to Perform™ optimize the way that teams go about their work – ensuring that the right people are in the right roles, doing the right work and working together in the right way

How Aligned is Your Team?

A team may start the year or the quarter fully aligned in terms of its top 3 business priorities, but will naturally lose focus and clarity over time. Ongoing re-alignment is key.

Pitstop to Align™ enables leader teams to pull together to speedily test and build alignment, ensuring that people and resources are focused where they can have the greatest impact on success.

What is the impact?  Client Stories:

A client shares the benefits of pit-stopping including the focus on what matters most, alignment re key business priorities, clarification of roles and a new openness / accountability.

How pit-stopping helped a global pharma team to boost its performance under pressure in spite of the challenges of Covid-19 and Remote Working.

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How does it work?  An overview:

Pitstops instead of workshops – it is a speedy way for your team to identify what’s working & fix what is not.

Speedily get to the heart of the matter with data.  Illuminates opportunities, as well as risks & blind-spots

Pitstops take place in a program sequence over 6-10 weeks to deliver measurable impact.

Opportunities & Challenges tackled by Pitstops:

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Priorities & Projects

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Talent & Team

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