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Pitstop to Win™ harnesses the 3x power of your team’s intrinsic motivation to energize the execution of its key business priorities & results.

It is called Pitstop to Win™ because it enables teams to spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance™.  Importantly, it also helps team members to thrive.

Pitstop to Win™ is also called the 3x pitstop.  That is because aligning intrinsic motivation with corporate goals has the potential to generate up to 3 times the level of energy and engagement.

Given the power of intrinsic motivation, it is hard to see how peak performance can be achieved without it!

The Objectives of Pitstop to Win™ include:

Harness the power of intrinsic motivation for the benefit of the organization and its peopleIt may be up to 3 times more powerful than traditional incentives or rewards.

Shine a light on the black box of team motivation because a better understanding of what makes our colleagues ‘tick’ enables more effective team performance.

Enable an effective dialogue within teams on individual and team motivation and through this dialogue build trust and boost team health / performance.

Encourage people to be more aware of how they can bring out the best in each other when working as a team.

Enable people to bring more of themselves to their work and to get more from their work in turn.

Enable people to develop a greater awareness of their own motivators & to express this via their work.

In the journey to peak performance, Pitstop to Win™ builds-upon and reinforces Pitstop to Align™:

Pitstop to Align™ focuses and aligns.  It generates clarity and agreement as to priorities, results and purpose.

Pitstop to Win™ is about translating that agreement into action by tapping into the true motivations of the team. It unites and energizes.

Combined the two have a powerful impact – integrating business and team, adaptive and technical.

Explore the Science behind Pitstop to Win™:

How much of your team’s intrinsic motivation is being harnessed?

How well do your people know what makes their colleagues ‘tick’?

Are you a keen observer of human behavior & motivation?

How does it work?  An overview of Pitstop to Win™:

Pitstop to Win™ typically takes place over 6-12 weeks and includes the following:

Analytics: Team + Stakeholders
3 x Virtual Pitstops
2 x Data-Led Coaching
2 x Leader Pre/Post Briefs
1 x Winning Move Adj.

Want to go deeper?  FAQs on Pitstop to Win™:

How will you know if your team needs to Pitstop to Win™?

If you answer ‘yes' or ‘maybe' to any of these questions your team can benefit from Pitstop to Win™ .

Are personalities & politics getting in the way of progress?
Are there hidden agendas or suspect motivations?
Is there is a lot of talk and yet little or no action?
Do people sometimes say one thing, but do another?
Could tensions be bubbling beneath the surface?
Do people sometimes rub each other up the wrong way?
Are you struggling to see the fire in people’s eyes?
Are some people on your team failing to thrive?
Do other teams seem to be tighter & more cohesive?
You think there should be more progress / momentum?
You are not really sure what motivates your colleagues?

A team of leaders may decide on a set of priorities or results, but go away and do little or perhaps even the opposite. That is because a rational decision is not enough.

Research suggests that an emotional commitment is up to 3 times more powerful than a rational commitment*.  Hence the importance of connecting with people's intrinsic motivations.

*‘Driving Performance and Retention Through Employee Engagement – A Quantitative Analysis of Effective Engagement Strategies’, Corporate Leadership Council, 2004.

A team won’t necessarily win just because it has a new nose cone!  That is unless it can accelerate its priorities and results with an unstoppable force that can withstand the inevitable distractions, obstacles and set-backs.

That un-stoppable force is the power of intrinsic motivation, and it derives from the alignment of individual and team goals, with business priorities and results.

Management and strategy gurus have for a long time emphasized the importance of mission, vision & purpose to the success of an organization. But these words have grown tired.

The traditional language of business can struggle to energize and engage. Thus, the motivation for changing the dialog – to start talking about something more evocative – that is winning.

This also is inspired by the Positive Psychology movement and some of the hottest topics in psychology today, including Intrinsic Motivation, Growth Mindset and Grit

With so much talk about the need for alignment, the last mile is the ability to connect people’s intrinsic motivation with the goals of the organization.

In business the organizations goals must come first and that is the focus of Pitstop to Align™.  However, in the process of realizing those goals, leaders working alone and in teams can attend to their own needs too.

In particular, the intrinsic need for fulfilment, progress, well-being and belonging. This is the focus of Pitstop to Win™.

Thinking ‘Win-Win’ has long been espoused as a habit of highly effective managers*. Pitstop to Win™, takes this win-win principle one step further.

It addresses winning on 3 levels – winning for the organization, the team and the individual.  You can think of it as Win-Win-Win.

*Steven Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managers, Free Press, 1989.

Pitstop to Win™ is not just about business results and shareholder returns. It is also about meeting the organization’s obligation to its people – enabling them to develop, grow & even thrive through their work.

Pitstop to Win™ enables people to explore within their teams the ways in which they can bring more of themselves to their work and take more from their work in terms of personal contentment, growth & development.

More information on the Pitstop to Win™ process:

Pitstop to Win™is powered by data, with your team's progress being tracked between pitstops and over time.

Pitstop to Win™ is the third in a series of pitstops aimed at enabling teams to realize and sustain peak performance.

Because of the 3x power of intrinsic motivation it is hard to see how a team can achieve peak performance without it.

Pitstop to Win™ impacts on all parts of the model and in particular the following:

Winning is a by-word for ‘thriving' – a high state of vitality as well as performance.  That is why some people perform to call Pitstop to Win™ ‘Pitstop to Thrive'.

This is connected to Pitstop to Win™ because individuals and teams that are thriving:

  • Are making progress / advancing towards their goals
  • Are doing work that they feel matters
  • Have a sense of identity and belonging
  • Feel valued and appreciated
  • Feel empowered / Have a sense of agency / control
  • Are living their values
  • Are using and developing their talents and skills
  • Are making a meaningful contribution
  • Can be themselves – enjoy psychological safety.

The above are all common to the definition of both winning and thriving.

In the journey to peak performance, Pitstop to Win™ builds-upon and reinforces Pitstop to Align™:

Pitstop to Align™ generates clarity and agreement as to priorities, results and purpose.

Pitstop to Win™ is about translating that agreement into action by tapping into the true motivations of the team.

Combined the two pitstops have a powerful impact – integrating business and team, adaptive and technical.

You don't need to be a fan of racing, it is simply used as a metaphor in order to reframe the issue of performance and thereby generate a more open and more creative dialogue.  However, there are some interesting insights that the performance obsessed sport offers managers in respect of the motivation to succeed.

In racing the requirements of winning are clear to all.  The finish line is marked in black and white on the racetrack.  Within an leader team there may be many definitions of winning.

Just because the organization wins, does not mean that people are winning too. But, at the racetrack the driver cannot win unless the team wins.

Finally, F1 celebrates winning, whereas many organizations don't.  As a result, a powerful source of motivation – the sense of making progress towards a goal is lost.  While all eyes are on the finish line, sustaining momentum and the steady accumulation of fast laps is key to winning any race. 

Pitstop to Win™ is connected with some of the hottest topics in psychology today (Grit, Growth Mindset, Intrinsic Motivation and Thriving) as well as in team research (Team Pride / Affinity, Team Potency and Team Resilience).  Ideas that have been popularised in BEST selling books by pyschologists Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck.

What leaders say about Pitstop to Win™:

  • Even though we had been working together for years, I learned a lot about what motivates my colleagues…  There were many surprises… good surprises!

  • I had assumed that people knew what the key priorities were - it was an eye-opener to find that they did not. Today, I can be confident that there is clarity as well as buy-in to the key priorities for the team.
  • There were conversations that needed to happen within our team... The pitstops made it safe for people to say what they were thinking. Issues of personalities and politics were put aside. The result is a new energy and focus for us all.
  • We are making more progress than I thought… that is very encouraging, and it strengthens our resolve to keep going with this project.

  • The real impact has been in terms of ownership and accountability, accompanied by a new clarity and sense of purpose.
  • Talking through my own personal motivations - I found that very good. Helped me to get clearer on my own goals and enlisted some supporters on the team.

  • This will help us to bring out the best in each other… There is less concern about hidden agendas now.
  • Recognizing and celebrating progress… That is the big take away. We need to do it more often!!
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  • Growth Pitstop... dissects the cross-functional requirements for growth, and their engaging Formula-1 model is more than a metaphor: chapter by chapter, their book provides an actionable agenda that managers can use for accelerating growth in their firms.

  • Many people admire the great skills of the world’s most successful motorsports teams and wish that their corporate team could operate at that level. Now they can learn how to do it with the Growth Pitstop.

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