Your Strategic Initiative: Looking to Boost Confidence & Ambition?

To narrow the gap between strategy and execution, we help leaders to align confidence and ambition in respect of:

(a) Strategic Priorities & Critical Initiatives

(b) Programs & Strategy Project Portfolios

Driven by data and fuelled by engagement, the process of analysis ensures that the ambition of your strategy is matched with confidence in its execution.

Programs or Initiatives:  Which of the following areas interest you most:

Are you leading or sponsoring a strategic priority or critical initiative that is too important to fail?  If yes, explore how to pitstop by clicking here.

Does your strategy depend on the effective execution of a program of initiatives or strategic portfolio of projects?  If yes, explore how to pitstop by clicking here:

Looking to Narrow the Gap Between Strategy & Execution?

Organizations that have narrowed the strategy-execution gap focus on the effective execution of strategic priorities and critical initiatives that bring strategy to life. 

Specifically, they follow a set of 10 ‘gap-narrowing’ principles that have been identified through our global research.  These principals are key to the power of pitstop analytics, coaching & programs.

Pit-stopping Strategic Initiatives the Opportunities & Challenges Addressed:

Is your strategic initiative being managed like a critical project?

Project’s Status: Are You ‘Bottom-lining’ for the C-suite?

How important is your initiative’s first mile?

Looking for the hidden 50% of your initiative’s success?

Are projects the DNA of your strategy?

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What is the impact?  Client Stories: