Your Strategic Initiative: Looking to Boost Confidence & Ambition?

To narrow the gap between strategy and execution, we help leaders to align confidence and ambition in respect of:

(a) Critical Projects & Initiatives

(b) Programs or Project Portfolios

Programs or Initiatives:  Which of the following areas interest you most:

Are you leading or sponsoring a project or initiative that is too important to fail?  If yes, explore how to pitstop complex & ambitious projects/initiatives by clicking here.

Does your strategy depend on the effective execution of a program of initiatives or portfolio of projects?  If yes, explore how to pitstop your program or portfolio by clicking here:

Looking to Narrow the Gap Between Strategy & Execution?

Organizations that have narrowed the strategy-execution gap focus on the effective execution of critical projects & initiatives that bring strategy to life. 

Specifically, they follow a set of 10 ‘gap-narrowing’ principles that have been identified through our global research.  

Pit-stopping Strategic Initiatives the Opportunities & Challenges Addressed:

Is your strategic initiative being managed like a critical project?

Project’s Status: Are You ‘Bottom-lining’ for the C-suite?

Looking for the hidden 50% of your initiative’s success?

Are projects the DNA of your strategy?

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What is the impact?  Client Stories: