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Pit-stopping Where Performance Matters Most…

Got a strategy or initiative that cannot fail?

Strategic initiatives bring the organizations’ ambitions to life. But the gap between strategy & execution is all too real – the challenges incl. competition for resources, changing business priorities, cross-functional collaboration.

pitstop strategic initiatives

Working where ‘the rubber meets the road’ and strategy is executed, we help leaders to pitstop those strategies & initiatives that are too important to fail. 

Is your team under pressure to perform?

Executive teams face increased pressure to perform in an uncertain business environment, where business priorities are shifting, resources are scarce, stakeholders expectations are growing & ways of working are in flux.

We help critical teams to sustain performance in the face of increased pressure by pit-stopping their ways of working, as well as their priorities & projects.

Pit-stopping is a form of high-impact coaching

Pitstop-style coaching supports busy senior executives – helping them to find new solutions to today’s complex business & professional opportunities and challenges. 

If leaders or teams need coaching, strategic initiatives need coaching too. Pitstops illuminate key success factors & risks, to ensure the ambition of strategy is met with confidence regarding execution.
Energize and empower your executive team in addressing changing business priorities & stakeholder needs. Pitstops are a proven process to accelerate engagement, ownership & change.

Internal stakeholders are critical to success. But how engaged or aligned are yours? We capture your stakeholders’ perspectives, check for alignment and facilitate a dialog to bridge any gaps. 

We help executive sponsors ensure the success of their strategies/initiatives, incl. building a compelling business justification, aligning stakeholders, securing resources & building a team.

Pitstops are a form of high impact executive coaching, that leverage the power of analytics and data to accelerate clarity & confidence in addressing even the most complex challenges.

Pit-stopping complex business challenges…

Organizations that Pit-stop…

Pit-stopping with business units, leaders and teams from large and mid-tier organizations, such as:

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