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Does your strategy depend on the effective execution of a program of initiatives or portfolio of projects?

If yes, do you have sufficient visibility and control of your program or portfolio?  Many managers don’t. 

How confidently will your portfolio of projects & initiatives deliver on the strategy?

Answering this million-dollar question requires pit-stopping 4 areas:

Are the most critical projects or sub-projects on track for success?

What is the health & performance of the program or portfolio?

Has your organization the capabilities & process to consistently deliver projects?

How effectively are teams & talent leveraged to make projects happen?

Ready to pitstop your Program or Project Portfolio?


Pit-stopping your program or portfolio is one of the most powerful ways to boost confidence in the success of any strategy.

Explore the 4 key aspects of your program or project portfolio using the video here.  Press pause at any time to use the checklists and prompts.

Pit-stopping Programs & Portfolios: Insights on the Key Opportunities & Challenges