The Growth Pitstop™ gets management teams working to accelerate growth with the focus, intensity and teamwork of a pitcrew.  To see what that looks like watch the video below:




Of course your team is not working with hydraulic pumps, tires and so on.  But it does have a racing machine of sorts – a revenue generating machine.  Just like a racing machine performance matters – that is your revenue generating machines power, efficiency, speed and agility.

Is your revenue generating machine performing to its maximum? 

Pitstops involve mid-race tyre changes, re-fueling and other adjustments essential to the racing machine’s performance:

Do you have regular pitstops to review performance?

The precisely timed millimeter perfect choreography of a Formula One pit crew is the new standard for teamwork:

Does your team work with the focus, intensity and speed of a pitcrew?

With just seconds separating the winner from the competition, the speed and efficiency of the pitcrew is paramount.   The reality is that: great Pitstops win races and poor Pitstops lose races. Now research shows that the same applies in business.  Indeed the ability of your management team to work together effectively is perhaps the ultimate competitive advantage (1).

Is your team winning its race?


(1) This includes research in the areas of Strategic Conversations, Business Agility and Change Management.