Research shows that most firms are exploiting less than 60% of their full growth potential. It also reveals 3 steps to accelerating growth:

assess agree execute

The Growth Pitstop™ will provide you with an accurate assessment of performance and potential.  It will ensure your team agrees on the key priorities for growth and support a rhythmic approach to executing your winning strategy.

Accelerating Growth:  The 3 Steps

The Growth Pitstop™ facilitates an accurate assessment of performance & potential.  The result: a new level of insight for managers, leaders & coaches.


Unlike traditional approaches the pitstop is fast, completed without exhaustive debate, or lengthy consultants reports.

Getting agreement on the priorities for growth isn’t easy.  But without it people will pull in different directions and resources will be wasted.


Focus and alignment are key to accelerating growth. This is achieved through the powerful Growth Pitstop™ workshops.

Even a winning strategy won’t succeed unless it is executed with passion skill and smarts.  Yet disciplined execution is a challenge for many organizations.


The Growth Pitstop™ helps your team to execute its key priorities with rhythmic discipline and thereby forge a new competitive advantage.

Pitstop Power:  The 3 Sources

The Growth Pitstop™ synthesizes the latest research into strategy, change management and leadership into a powerful framework to accelerate growth.  Here are the ingredients:




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