Business is about competition, speed and most of all, winning!  It has many parallels to Formula One. Indeed using the sport as a metaphor inspires managers and teams to new levels of performance, creativity and innovation.

In F1 there is a car – in business there is a different kind of racing machine: a revenue generating machine.  For both performance matters – it is all about power and efficiency, speed and agility.  

In F1 it is about how fast the car can go – measured in lap times and miles or kilometers per hour.  In business it is about how fast the organization, business unit or team can grow – measured in revenues, profits, competencies and/or skills.  Moreover,  it is about the ability of the driver, the pitcrew and the larger race team to perform to the limit.

Out-maneuvering the competition, driver passion and skill, technology and innovation – these are just some of the key success factors in F1 that resonate with business.  Another aspect of F1 that is that is particularly important in business is the Growth Pitstop™ – click here to find out why.



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