Growing economic uncertainty and constraints on resources, have put pressure on productivity & efficiency. The result is a new focus on Ways of Working.

‘Performance Paranoia', ‘Quite Quitting', ‘the Great Disengagement' – these are just some of the buzz-words. But what are the practical strategies leaders can adopt to optimize Ways of Working? The answer is to pitstop.

Looking to Quantify the Impact?

Everybody is talking about Ways of Working, but few leaders have a clear definition of what it means, much less a way of measuring, modelling or optimizing it. 

Our industry-leading analytics illuminates ways of working and ways of interacting on a team by team basis, revealing the opportunities for optimization and quantifying the potential impact.

Looking to make it tangible & real?

Issues such as hybrid working, ‘quiet quitting’ & the ‘future of work’ make for interesting reading. But what are the practical solutions?

The pitstop approach makes Ways of Working practical, actionable and real. Focusing on ways of working & interacting on a team by team basis, it quantifies specific opportunities & highlights practical strategies.

What's Today's No. 1 Opportunity?

In these times of economic uncertainty, leaders must drive productivity and efficiency. This presents challenges in the context of remote & hybrid working.

Optimizing Ways of Working is the fastest route to productivity & efficiency gains. That makes it the No. 1 opportunity and challenge, facing large organizations today. It is a compelling reason to pitstop.

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What makes the pitstop approach special?

Everybody talks about Ways of Working, but few have a way of measuring, modelling or optimizing it. That makes Pitstops different.


Systematically identifies opportunities & constraints, quantifies benefits & tracks progress.


Bringing WOW to life & making it real – your team will visualize their way of working & its opportunities.


Your team will be energized in the process of optimizing its WOW and benefit directly as progress is made.


Your team will leverage the latest techniques, putting them to work to deliver immediate benefits.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes the pitstop approach special?

A lot of people talk about Ways of Working, but what does WOW actually mean? For example:

  • What is a real world operational definition of ways of working?
  • How do you measure it for a team?
  • What does good or bad look like when it comes to WOW for your team?
  • What are the step to follow in optimizing WOW and where is the best place to start ?
  • What are the benefits and how are they measured?

Pitstop transforms Ways of Working from a vague concept to practical reality. It is the only operational definition of ways of working and methodology that:

  • Measures and quantifies Ways of Working – Teams use our analytics to:
    • put numbers on the efficiency and effectiveness of their ways of working
    •  illuminate opportunities to optimize ways of working, as well as obstacles and barriers
    • set goals for improvement and track progress in achieving them.
  • Visualize and model ways of working – Our analytics:
    • Provide people with a frame of reference with respect to what does good and bad look like
    • Brings it to life and makes it real, revealing the many factors involved,
    • Enabling people to see the impact of their ways of working as well as the potential for improvement and the impact it can have.

Pitstop engages and energizes teams around ‘the way we work'.  That is essential for two reasons – only those who are closest to the work can effectively optimize it and for it to succeed they must be the primary benefits of any improvements made.

What are the advantages over productivity tracking & other traditional approaches?

Why settle for tracking somebody's productivity? asks one of our project coaching partners. ‘Surely, what you want to do is boost it!! The problem is that productivity tracking something you do to somebody, optimizing ways of working is something you do with somebody, indeed with a team. However, while one just gives you data, the other gives you results!'

How is this different to training?

Here are some of the factors that distinguish the pitstop approach:

·      Focus on metrics related to business, project and team performance.

·      People will learn a lot but the approach is adaptive not just technical. This essential to changing behaviors and norms with a team.

·      The approach is data driven – this is important for a topic that is full of buzz-words and hype

·      The process is high engagement led. It energizes and empowers people.

·      It is led by professional coaches and built on strategic conversation principles.

·      People are empowered to take action to optimize their approach, apply new techniques and so on

·      People are provided with tools that they can put to work.

What is your expertise in Ways of Working?
We have more data on ways of working than any other organization. This enables us to look beyond the buzzwords and the catchphrases (such as quite quitting or performance paranoia) – to make it practical and real.  Sample our research and analysis here.
What we are most proud of is the extensive suite of frameworks and tools that enable teams to optimize ways of working and realize measurable progress against the twin ‘better work & better life' goals.

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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