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We have more data on Ways of Working than any other organization. This enables us to look beyond the buzzwords and the catchphrases (such as quite quitting or performance paranoia) – to make it practical and real. Sample some of our research and analysis here:

Post-Pandemic Ways of Working: Why It’s OK to be Paranoid About Performance!
Many managers fear their people are not working as hard or as smart from home, as they would if they were in the office. This is often dismissed as ‘Performance Paranoia’. But what if it is actually valid and can serve a valuable purpose?
Ways of Working: Why Is Your CEO Talking About it?
Everybody seems to be talking about Ways of Working (WOW). That includes your CEO! But, what do they mean by WOW and what exactly do they expect it to achieve?
The Way We Work: What’s Your Team’s Untapped Self-optimizing Power?
If teams had a superpower, then Ways of Working (WOW) would be it. Yet as powerful as the self-organizing and self-optimizing potential of teams is, it is widely overlooked.
Performance is a Team Sport, So Why Aren’t We Managing it that Way?
‘Individual work’ now accounts for just 30% of the working week (Data gathered via Pitstop Analytics across 1000 teams, date of analysis 2021.))! The rest is spent on internal meetings & other forms of internal collaboration! What are the implications of this new 70:30 reality?
How to make Ways of Working Actionable & Real?
Ways of Working (WOW) is a catchy buzzword, but hardly a clear agenda for action.  If WOW is going to deliver on the CEO’s agenda of productivity, focus and efficiency, Ways of Working must be made practical, actionable and real. Here we explore how.
Ways of Working: What are the secrets to making it stick’?
Changing long-established ways of working is not easy. Leaders must be attuned to both the key success factors and the risks involved
Why is Everybody Talking About Ways of Working?
Accelerating Hype Ways of Working is accelerating along the hype curve.  Barely a day goes by without an article or feature in the main sources relating […]
Why Pitstop Ways of Working?
Ways of Working Great teams don’t just plan & review their work or the results of their work, but also the PROCESS by which their work […]
Quiet Quitting: The Strategies that Work & Don’t Work!
Productivity Now Tops the Agenda, But There’s Little Agreement on How to Boost It
Ways of Working? What exactly does it mean? 
“What exactly is Ways of Working?” That’s an obvious question. It is followed by an equally obvious, if not more important question: “Why should I care?” […]
What’s Driving Ways of Working? The 8 Mega-Trends Transforming the Way We Work
There are 8 major trends causing a transformation in Ways of Working ranging from remote working to economic uncertainty. We explore their importance here. It’s A […]
The Way We Work: What is it & Why Does it Matter?
The Way We Work is probably one of the most powerful levers of performance and efficiency available to organizations today. However, it is a relatively new […]
Is Remote Working Sending People Back into their Silos?
The hasty implementation of Remote Working threatens the gains in cross-functional collaboration made by many organizations. It is another one of the consequence of Covid-19, but one that can be managed.
Do Your Critical Projects Require A ‘New Way of Working’?
Will the present way of working be sufficient to successfully deliver on your critical project or initiative? Specifically, will you be satisfied with the typical levels […]