Virtual Pitstops

How to get remote workers pulling together more effectively as a team? When coming together in the one location isn’t possible your people can pitstop online.

The idea is just like in a physical pitstop – to come together as a team to identify what is working and fix what is not. Led by an expert coach, virtual Pitstops are the most effective way to assess priorities, address risks & drive/sustain performance.

Pitstops for Distributed Teams Include:

Virtual Pitstops

Led by our expert coaches, Virtual Pitstops are the most effective way to assess priorities, address risks & drive/sustain performance.

Powerful online analytics reveals hidden performance potential in key projects & teams, incl. performance losses & execution risks.

Tools and resources to embed a new more agile & collaborative way of working for vital teams and critical projects.

Ready to Pitstop Online?

If you are familiar with traditional ‘hands-on’ pitstops, but are wondering how they will work online, navigate through the slides here.


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What are they key opportunities & challenges faced by your remote / distributed team?

Virtual Pitstops are part of a systematic process to tackle key opportunities and challenges facing a critical project or vital team.  The objective is to realize quantifiable performance gains (typically 7-25%).

Pitstop programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project or team, with the typical sequence of pitstops, data and execution shown here:

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How Effective Are Virtual Pit-stops? 

Virtual pitstops are designed to deliver the same focus and engagement as physical pitstops.

Navigate through the slides for an overview of virtual pitstops and their effectiveness.

During a crisis pitstops take-on extra significance…

During the Covid-19 Crisis, management teams within our client organizations are taking 75-90 minutes every 2-3 weeks to pitstop virtually, backed up by online analytics and resources.  These Pitstop provide an opportunity to stand back and gain perspective, clarify priorities and ensure alignment.  Here are some of the topics emerging in virtual pitstops at this time:

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics, measures all of these things: