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You should have access to the latest business thinking, as well as the most sophisticated business modelling & analytics

Too many organizations are employing the wrong models of business performance. That limits their potential to grow - not just in term of revenue, or profits, but in terms of staff engagement, customer value and societal contribution.

Our mission is to provide universal access to the latest business thinking and the most sophisticated business tools. Especially entrepreneurs and managers who don't have time to attend an ivy league business school, or to read the latest business books or research reports.

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Growth Pitstop™: Use it... Share it... Adapt it...

We have taken the copyright off The Growth Pitstop™ so that you can use and share the model and research it contains.

We invite you to engage with it, challenge it, adapt it and most important of all to share it with your friends, colleagues and peers. There is no cost and no limitations. All that is required is that you attribute it.

Growth Pitstop™ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Join the Growth Pitstop™ Community

We invite you to join the Growth Pitstop™ community to expand and share the principles of effective collaboration and 3x performance. There you will find material and tools to use with your colleagues, teams, or clients, as well as interact with others who share the same passion for learning and innovation.

Of course our international network of partners is always there to support you in applying the tools and techniques with your team - helping you to run Growth Pitstop™s within your organization, or to train and certify you to deliver them yourself..


We believe collaboration is the key to progress & innovation, not just within organizations, but in society more generally.

The Growth Pitstop™ has been crafted through collaboration. Inspired by one of the most powerful displays of collaborative teamwork there is - the pitstop, it is designed to enable organizations and teams to win through more effective collaboration.

The ability to collaborate is an important competitive advantage in business. That is to collaborate internally (across business units, functions and teams), as well as externally (with customers, partners and channels). The Growth Pitstop™ is a means of accelerating growth, innovation, engagement and value creation through collaboration and agile teamwork.

The Growth Pitstop™ is the result of a collaborative development process involving managers across 47 markets, as well as hundreds of writers and academics cited in pitstop books. That process is ongoing with its models, data analysis, tools and insights continually expanding through use within a growing community and through creative commons licensing.

September 21, 2022

Beyond Budgeting – welcome to the brave new world of planning & forecasting

The pandemic has shown many CFOs that a more dynamic approach to budgeting is required in dealing with uncertainty. Moreover, fears of recession make it doubly so.
September 13, 2022

8 Ways to Triage Your Work

Triage is an elevated form of planning, where choices, decisions and tradeoffs are grappled with up front. Informed by the key criterion Importance, Complexity and Urgency (ICU) there are 8 ways to triage your projects, priorities and tasts. The end result is to ensure that your team is doing the Right Work, getting then Right Result and Working Together in the Right Way.
September 11, 2022

Straight Line Acceleration Won’t be Enough!

CEOs see greater turbulence and change ahead, including the possibility of recession. To prepare for the future they are calling for a new way of working that combines speed and agility, collaboration and innovation.
September 4, 2022

Managing Interactions – What’s Payback for You?

A typical team could be seen as a bundle of 1000 plus interactions per month. So, imagine the impact of improving those interactions by just 3, […]