Accelerating strategic priorities, projects & initiatives.

We help leaders to bridge the gap between today’s performance and tomorrows’ transformation by ensuring the success of:

Want to ensure 1st Mile success for your strategic priority?
Looking to prime, progress or protect a key initiative or project?
Want greater visibility & control of strategic projects & initiatives?
Want to ensure 1st Mile success for your strategic priority?

We help leaders to ensure their strategic initiatives are set up for success, by ensuring ‘first mile success’.

Many of the issues that arise, even in the later stages of an initiative, can be traced back to the first mile. But while the first mile of a strategic priority is vital, it is often neglected. In the rush to action, key activities are hurried or even skipped. That includes clarifying the business need/impact, aligning stakeholders, external validation, setting out a project scope, and so on.

Looking to prime, progress or protect a key initiative or project?

We help leaders to boost confidence and ambition in respect of strategic initiatives and critical projects. This is achieved through a systematic 5-step process.

Want greater visibility & control of strategic projects & initiatives?

We help leaders to fully leverage the investment made in their strategic portfolio of key projects and initiatives.

The strategic portfolio is a bundle of projects and initiatives critical to success. Despite the time and resources tied up here, leaders often have limited visibility or control over the strategic portfolio. The result is an unnecessary risk to the strategy and a failure to develop linkages and synergies between ‘stand-alone’ projects and initiatives.


Powered by analytics, we address the following Key Success Factors in respect of critical strategic initiatives:

Business Fundamentals
Talent and teamwork

In a complex fast-changing environment business needs and priorities are continuously changing. This presents challenges when set against the traditional planning and budgeting cycles within a large organization. It also puts pressure on alignment and demands greater speed, agility, collaboration and Innovation. Pitstop Analytics™ helps.

Pitstop Analytics™ ensures that strategies, initiatives and projects, the leaders and networks of teams running them are aligned in respect of changing business needs and priorities. That includes the alignment of the various internal stakeholders involved.

‘The level of clarity regarding business needs emerged as 73% for stakeholders and 68% for the team.  We have been so busy with deadlines, etc. that we have not stopped to ask ‘Why?’.
SVP Pharma

Most leaders are both ambitious and optimistic. Yet, if you believe the statistics, 70% to 90% of strategies, projects and initiatives fail to deliver as expected.

Pitstop Analytics™ provides a systematic analysis of key success factors and risks including those that are normally hidden. This enables leaders to set themselves up for success, effectively manage risks and to prevent surprise setbacks or disappointments.

‘To see the risks mapped out so clearly was really powerful. I am glad that I was not the only one who can see them.’
Director Med Tech

Executives are spending up to 70% of their working week on internal collaboration. Yet many say that up to half of this adds little or no value. The scientific explanation as to why is called performance losses’ – the factors that get in the way of people working together in the most effective way possible.

Pitstop Analytics™ illuminates the performance losses and gains that exist within your organization, project or team. It also illustrates how they can be tackled and the benefits that can result to both the organization and its people. This includes performance, as well as collaboration, vitality, agility and so on.

‘What is clear is that the ‘work’ isn’t just the ‘work’ it is all the other stuff that goes with it – the meetings, the internal process and procedures, managing stakeholders and so on. For the first time we have visibility of these factors and numbers on how they impact on our effectiveness’.
Ops Director, Financial Services

Being so close to the action, it can be difficult for leaders to ‘see the wood from the trees’ and to maintain an objective view of reality. As we approach business opportunities and challenges we must be aware of our blind spots and biases. Especially, the risks of groupthink and confirmation bias.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a powerful meta analysis that illuminates patterns of thinking.  It reveals mindset and narrative as well as assumptions, contradictions and blind spots.

‘The outside in perspective provided by stakeholders and industry best practice really did challenge some of our thinking’.
VP, Big Tech

Many of today’s complex business problems defy simple solutions. Complex business opportunities and challenges require engaging multiple actors and multiple perspectives, working on the whole rather than the parts and adaptive (a change of thinking or behaviour) as well as technical solutions.

Pitstop Analytics™ reveals strategies, projects or initiatives in all their complexity, including the many interconnections, linkages and dependencies involved. It enables leaders to get to grips with full complexity of what is required for success.

‘It was a full systems view. All the parts of the problem were illuminated, including how one thing links to another and they are all interconnected.’
Director, Financial Services

Pitstop Analytics™ enables leaders to see opportunities and challenges from different angles, that includes the critical outside-in perspective offered by stakeholders and industry peers.

‘Sometimes I believe that our team is too polite, and the people ‘go along’ rather than speak their mind.  The analysis tackled this issue and brought a diversity of perspectives challenging the way we have done things in the past’.
VP Global Finance

We help leaders to boost confidence and ambition in respect of complex & ambitions strategic initiatives in 3 ways:

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