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We help leaders to bridge the gap between today’s performance and tomorrows’ transformation by ensuring the success of:

Want to ensure 1st Mile success for your strategic priority?

We help leaders to ensure their strategic priorities are set up for success, by accelerating clarity and alignment in respect of business fundamentals, access to power and resources, alignment of stakeholders and the set-up of the project team.

Is Your Strategic Initiative Set-up for Success?

Many of the issues that arise, even in the later stages of an initiative, can be traced back to the first mile. But while the first mile of a strategic priority is vital, it is often neglected. In the rush to action, key activities are hurried or even skipped. That includes clarifying the business need/impact, aligning stakeholders, external validation, setting out a project scope, and so on.


Is Everybody ‘on the Same Page‘ regarding your initiative?

How do you know if everybody is ‘on the same page’ regarding your initiative?  How do you know if they are all pulling together and working towards the same end goal?  Well, there is a simple, yet powerful, way to find out.


Project Myopia is the No. 1 Cause of Failure & Frustration. Could it be a risk for your initiative?

Which comes first, the project plan or the business strategy? With few exceptions, most leaders would say that the business strategy comes first. After all, the project or initiative is derived from the strategy and aims to bring some aspect of that strategy to life. However, the link between any project and strategy cannot be taken for granted.

Looking to prime, progress or protect a key initiative or project?

We help leaders to boost confidence and ambition in respect of strategic initiatives and critical projects. This is achieved through a systematic 5-step process that involves leaders, teams and internal stakeholders (as appropriate).

Want greater visibility & control of strategic projects & initiatives?

We provide leaders with greater visibility and control over their strategic portfolio. This is essential given the number of projects and initiatives underway, plus the manpower and resources tied up in them.  Also, to delivering on the strategy.

Powered by analytics, we address the following Key Success Factors in respect of critical strategic initiatives:

Business Fundamentals
Talent and teamwork
Business Fundamentals

We help leaders to ensure clarity regarding the key business fundamentals of their key strategic priorities or initiatives.  This is vital to connecting to business needs and strategy accessing power and securing resource is.

Whether it is a change initiative, a digital transformation initiative or anything else, the business fundamentals are key. These ‘business fundamentals’ link the success of your initiative to the strategy and the success of the business. This the ultimate means of ensuring senior leader support and access to resources.

Illuminate KSFs & risks to the execution of your strategic priority or initiative (incl. those normally hidden). This will illuminate ways to accelerate momentum & boost success.

Talent and teamwork

Explore the talent / team implications of your priority/initiative, including ways of working and interacting within the team.  Are all the right people in the right roles, doing the right work and so on?

Find out what stakeholders are really thinking the objective is to energise and engage internal stakeholders, also to illuminate any misalignment or unmanaged expectations.

Stakeholder Alignment

There are lots of reasons why projects flounder or fail. Many however could have been prevented if only someone had spoken up.  Perhaps they did speak up but were not listened to.  As result, projects are left vulnerable to surprise setbacks.

There is much talk about creating ‘safe’ workplace environments where people say what they are thinking and can otherwise be themselves.  This Psychological Safety is closely linked to the broader concept of ‘project safety’ which also includes factors such as respectful challenge and collective smarts.  These factors can prevent the projects kidding or crashing out of control – you can think of it as a trackside safety barrier for your project.

Ensure an open and honest assessment of & robust dialog regarding the status of your priority or initiative. The objective is to improve agility & prevent surprises, also to generate energy & engagement.

Got a strategic priority or initiative that is too important to fail?  Leaders who have underpin success in 3 ways:

Looking to secure approval or get your strategic initiative off to agreat start?
Looking to accelerate progress or build momentum behind your key project or initiative?
Concerned about risks to your strategic initiative, C-suite support or access to resources?

We support leaders with complex and ambitious projects, programs and initiatives in the following areas:

Technology Initiatives

  • Digital Transformation
  • New Processes or Systems
  • Infrastructure – New or Refresh
  • Major IT Projects

Organizational Initiatives

  • Organizational Re-structure
  • Cultural Change
  • Operational Excellence
  • Ways of Working

Growth Initiatives

  • Growth Strategies
  • New Products Launches
  • New Business Models / Channels
  • Revenue Performance Mgt.

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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