Leaders have dual a responsibility. They must meet short-term performance targets while delivering the transformation required to sustain longer-term success. But it is not easy!

The headlines talk about high rates of failure and fatigue regarding transformation. But how closely does this reflect the reality for leaders ‘on the ground’?


Q: What level of change & disruption is expected?

High levels of disruption are expected in the future!  On a 100% scale, leaders expect their organizations to experience 73% change and disruption.

Just 1 in 5 expect less than 75% disruption within their industries!

Q: How ready are organizations for the future?

Leaders say their organizations are (on average) 60% ready to capitalize upon & profit from future change/disruption. In terms of being ready:

  • 15% are three-quarters of the way
  • 78% are halfway or above
  • 22% are less than half way

Q: How many transformation initiatives are planned or underway?

Leaders say their organizations have, on average 7 transformation initiatives at this time.

One in 5 leaders has 10 or more initiatives.

Note: Some initiatives have up to 20 projects.

Q: What about leaders and their own transformation journey?

Many leaders are at a moment of re-evaluation in both their professional and personal lives.

9 out of 10 leaders have seen some of their colleagues or peers reach a personal inflexion point.

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