March 3, 2023

What is Really Draining Executive Productivity?

Productivity and efficiency drives are trendy at the moment. But before you launch your next endeavour, make sure you find out what is really draining productivity within your organization.
January 24, 2023

Ways of Working – Why it continues to steal the headlines

Ways of Working is going nowhere. It remains one of the greatest opportunities and challenges facing today's organizations.
January 4, 2023

Planning An Efficiency Drive? Beware the ‘Productivity Rabbit Hole’!

The drive for efficiency has a natural appeal to any manager. However, the benefits are often illusory, with executives finding themselves down a rabbit hole.
October 17, 2022

Why It’s OK to be Paranoid About Performance!

Many managers fear their people are not working as hard or as smart from home, as they would if they were in the office. This is often dismissed as 'Performance Paranoia'. But what if it is actually valid and can serve a valuable purpose?