Research Updates

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July 18, 2014

Are You Motivated By Growth Potential, Or Risks To Target?

At its simplest people are motivated by two opposing forces; ‘fear of loss’ or ‘prospect of gain’.  This explains the motivations of different sales managers for […]
June 17, 2014

Growth Pitstop Implementation Approach – The Guiding Principles

Change isn’t easy, but research has clearly identified the essential ingredients of successful projects and initiatives for sales teams. These form the guiding principles of the Growth […]
June 16, 2014

'Winning By A Nose' – The Importance Of Direction & Focus For Teams

When somebody throws themselves across the finish line just slightly ahead of a competitor the expression ‘winning by a nose’ is often used.  But in Formula […]
June 15, 2014

Success: Balancing Power And Precision

Some people think that it's all about speed. But they are mistaken. Listen to any Formula One champion and they will tell you that winning it is about precision, as much as speed.