October 1, 2022

Performance is a Team Sport, So Why Aren’t We Managing it that Way?

'Individual work' now accounts for just 30% of the working week (Data gathered via Pitstop Analytics across 1000 teams, date of analysis 2021.))! The rest is spent on internal meetings & other forms of internal collaboration! What are the implications of this new 70:30 reality?
September 26, 2022

Treasure Your Strategic Initiative’s ‘Wobbly moments’ – here’s why:

'Wobbly Moments' Times when doubt sets in & obstacles loom large. Every project & team has them! Moreover, they can be a real source of strength, as well as an opportunity to adjust and renew.
June 26, 2022

Roles: Two Perspectives & One Major Blind spot

Ensuring that people are in the Right Roles is one of the greatest opportunities facing any project or team - one of the greatest challenges too. Yet, the need to clarify and adapt roles is a blind spot for many leaders, with roles typically seen as static, rather than dynamic.
May 30, 2022

A Simple Test Reveals How & When To Collaborate

How executives are applying the ‘More, Better, Faster & Best' Test to boost performance and reduce the frustration associated with excessive internal collaboration.