August 19, 2021

The C-suite Playbook for Project & Program Management

Research points to 6 specific practices that successful organizations adopt in respect of project and program management. Combined these represent a powerful C-suite playbook for narrowing the gap between strategy and execution.
February 10, 2021

Project Status: How to ‘Bottom-line it’ for Senior Executives?

How do you get people to bottom-line the conversation about a critical initiative/project, while ensuring that none of the important details get lost? If you are talking to a senior executive how do you bring them up to speed without testing their patience?
January 30, 2021

Mapping Innovation Across the Organization

'Leaders say they want more innovation, but what exactly does that mean? What type of innovation, and where is it most needed? These sound like difficult questions to answer, but surprisingly they are not.
December 1, 2020

Managing ‘Strategic Initiatives’ Like ‘Critical Projects’

Strategic Initiatives should be managed more like projects and critical projects led more like strategic initiatives.