October 16, 2022

Quiet Quitting:
The Strategies that Work & Don’t Work!

Productivity Now Tops the Agenda, But There's Little Agreement on How to Boost It
October 11, 2022

The C.E.O. Agenda: Balancing Caution With Pragmatism in 2023-24

The post pandemic optimism has been short lived. Today, the mood among CEOs ranges from caution to alarm. This is reflected in a new more cautious agenda 2023, with 7 key themes emerging.
October 1, 2022

Are You Using Your Team’s Self-optimizing Power?

If teams had a superpower, then Ways of Working (WOW) would be it. Yet as powerful as the self-organizing and self-optimizing potential of teams is, it is widely overlooked.
October 1, 2022

Performance is a Team Sport, So Why Aren’t We Managing it that Way?

'Individual work' now accounts for just 30% of the working week (Data gathered via Pitstop Analytics across 1000 teams, date of analysis 2021.))! The rest is spent on internal meetings & other forms of internal collaboration! What are the implications of this new 70:30 reality?