October 29, 2023

Do You Belong to Most Ambitious Generation of Leaders Yet?

Imagine a generation of leaders that continuously aims for the moon with their strategies, seeking to shape their organizations and industries, with a quest for ongoing innovation. Well, that describes a growing number of today’s leaders.
October 4, 2023

Have You Got the Winning ‘Ambition-Doubt’ Combo?

Massive ambition re strategy. A few niggling doubts re execution. That winning combo sums up the key results of our research encompassing 371 transformation initiatives, 129 project consolidations and 50 productivity drives.
May 5, 2023

How Have the Headlines Affected Your Growth Outlook?

The news headlines tell of slowdown, uncertainty & disengagement. Yet, when we talk to leaders we hear quiet ambition, confidence & determination. Which of these two alternative realities best reflect your reality? As part of our most exciting research project yet, we want to find out.