January 24, 2022

Over-Confidence: 4 Reasons Why Your Strategy or Project may be at Risk

Why Your Spectacles are Probably Rose-Tinted! If you believe the statistics, most projects and strategies are running either behind time, over budget or otherwise failing to […]
December 1, 2021

Business Unusual: The Growth Mindset of Organizations

The organizational equivalent of Growth or Fixed mindset, is a Business Unusual or Business as Usual mindset.
November 30, 2021

Shouldn’t Business Unusual Become More Usual?

Business Unusual is a bye word for many of the most complex challenges of modern leadership and strategy. Typically, it is seen as the opposite of business […]
August 13, 2020

Is your Project or Strategy ‘Business As Usual’?

To what extent is your project ‘business as usual’ or ‘business unusual’? The answer to this question is more important than you might think. It has […]