November 29, 2022

Managing Your Portfolio:
Where to Look for the Biggest Project Savings?

Our data points to 11 areas where leaders are finding savings within their portfolios of projects or initiatives. Shown in the video and listed below, these areas will guide you in your quest for economies and efficiencies within your portfolio.
November 29, 2022

Resources & Cut-Backs:
How To Protect Your Project?

Project are facing cuts across the board. But, some projects face deeper cuts than others. Here is how you can ensure that the knife does not cut too deep or that the axe does not fall on your project?
November 28, 2022

Project Consolidation:
Is Your Initiative At Risk of Cuts?

In this time of budget cuts and resource constraints, how do you know if your project is at risk? Here you will find a list of factors that could affect your project’s access to resources. It will enable you to get out in front of the process and minimize the potential impact.
September 21, 2022

Beyond Budgeting:
Ready for the brave new world of planning & forecasting?

The pandemic has shown many CFOs that a more dynamic approach to budgeting is required in dealing with uncertainty. Moreover, fears of recession make it doubly so.