Do You Have A Winning Strategy?

New Advances Enable Managers to Speedily Deliver Better Strategies

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Do you have a winning strategy?  One that is being executed faithfully to accelerate growth?  If your answer is ‘no', or ‘not sure' then there couldn't be a better time to revise or review your strategy.


Setting and reviewing strategy, once troublesome and time consuming, has gotten a lot easier.  That is thanks to the emergence of a set of new best practice methodologies that address the execution and other challenges associated with the traditional approach to strategy.  The result isn't just a better strategy in less time, it is also smarter execution.  


The Growth Pitstop™ is one the best of the new modes of setting and reviewing strategy.  It leverages the latest research into growth science and growth psychology to enable management teams to accelerate strategy.

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Want to Accelerate Your Strategy?

Strategy has entered a new era.  In response to fast-changing and more volatile markets it is undergoing a radical transformation.

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Strategy can be problematic.  We know we need one but the process of creating and implementing it is often frustrating.  Indeed, the often quotes failure rates for strategies are alarming. It is time for a rethink!

The traditional metaphor for strategy was the lone chess player carefully pondering the next move.  But nothing could be more further removed from the challenges of winning in an increasingly competitive and fast changing marketplace.   Today's successful strategy do not emerge slowly within a 2 or 3 year strategy cycle.  They are not created around a boardroom table and then entrusted to others to be executed.

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A winning strategy requires speed and agility.   It combines careful analysis and planning with a bias for; action, learning and innovation.  The aim is to accelerate growth – sustained profitable growth.  But it cannot be set in an isolated board room or divorced from the front line. It must engage all those who can and should contribute to its success.  

Strategy is more like a race than a chess board and the process of setting and reviewing strategy requires the focus, discipline and teamwork displayed in a pitstop.    Winning strategies blend strategy with execution.  They are continually reviewed and adapt or flex as required to the requirements of winning in the marketplace.  

Take Your Strategy into the PitLane

Today's winning strategies blend speed, agility, teamwork & execution.

Whether you are reviewing progress against an existing strategy, or setting out a new direction, The Growth Pitstop™ is the ideal solution.


  • Focuses your organization and strategy on accelerating growth
  • Identifies hidden growth potential of 12% to 22%
  • Cuts time required to formulate a strategy by up to 50%
  • Ensures a bias for action and accelerates speed to action by 200%
  • Ensures maximum buy-in and commitment through a bottom-up approach
  • Engages stakeholders to ensures cross-functional alignment in respect of your strategy
  • Grounds your strategy in terms of market realities and competitor bench-marking
  • An agile approach provides the flexibility requied to address emerging opportunities or threats as they emerge
  • Is your strategy clear to everybody?
  • Is it working – in terms of delivering sustained profitable growth?
  • Does too much time pass without a review of progress against your strategy and the need for adjustments?
  • Have you been frustrated in the past by:
    • The time & effort required to formulate a strategy?
    • The need to get  buy-in and commitment to the new strategy?
    • The challenge of ensuring effective execution?
  • Do you ever wonder if your strategy is adequately grounded in terms market realities and competitor bench-marking?
  • Do you ever struggle to reconcile the need to stick to the strategy and with the need for an agile approach in the face of opportunities or threats as they emerge?
  • Do you believe that the right strategy executed effectively can accelerate growth by at least 12% to 22%?

How Does The Growth Pitstop™ Approach

Research points to a high rate of failure even in respect of great strategies.  The 3-step Pitstop approach overcomes this challenge: 

Your strategy must be based on a through assessment of performance and potential.  But you don’t want lengthy consultants reports, or months of analysis or debate.  

The Growth Pitstop™ facilitates an accurate scientific assessment of performance & potential. Instead of exhaustive debate, or lengthy consultants reports a sophisticated online assessment is completed across your organization.

Your winning strategy requires clear agreement on the priorities for growth. That includes cross-functional alignment in respect of key growth strategies.

The Growth Pitstop™ ensures crystal clear agreement on the priorities for growth with speed.  It does this in a way that maximizes commitment to and accountability for ‘making it happen’.

Too many strategies fail due to poor execution.  What is requires is a dynamic approach that integrates execution and strategy to deliver agility and rapid learning.

The Growth Pitstop™ helps companies execute on key growth priorities with discipline, speed & smarts.  That means faster results and greater organizational agility.

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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