The strategy was ambitious.  The goal was to double turnover within 5 years, requiring annual growth in the tens of millions.  But there were whispers about the organization’s readiness to execute the leadership team’s new strategy.

Pitstop Analytics™ risk-rated the strategy warning of a likely gap of 33% between strategy and execution.  Similar ratings for Purpose, Focus and Alignment indicated an organization out-of-step with its leadership team.

Clearly, translating strategy into effective execution would require more work.  And it paid off, after 6 weeks the risk rating had fallen by 17% and execution was well underway.

Data revealed a strategy-execution gap of 37%

Here is a snapshot of the data showing how the strategy-execution gap of 37% was progressively narrowed over a 6 month period.

Executed was rated below strategy, but showed potential of up to 45%.  Over 6 months the scores for both strategy and execution improved by up to 21%, thereby narrowing the strategy execution gap by 17%.

Data revealed a level of strategic anxiety with less than 2 out of 3 managers indicating that the organization was moving fast enough (strategic speed) or in the right direction (strategic velocity).  These scores increased by up to 18% over a 6 month period.

Data revealed gaps in terms of “purpose”, “focus” and “alignment” of up to 45%.  Yet, “ambition” was high (73%).  Over a 6 month period effective engagement and communication around the strategy and its execution increased these scores by up to 22%.

‘Finding out that there was a big gap between the leadership team who created the strategy and the mid level managers who were responsible for its execution has, I am convinced, saved us a lot of time and money’.

Chief Executive