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Your growth plans are ambitious.  But how confidently can they be realized?

Ambition fuels growth.  Yet, confidence in execution often lags ambition in respect of growth strategies and initiatives.

Pitstops boost leader confidence & capacity in the execution of ambitious growth strategies, programs & initiatives.

Pitstops bridge the gap between strategy and execution, so organizations can realize their full growth potential.

Leaders use our analytical tools and frameworks to systematically manage KSFs and Risks in respect of ambitious growth strategies, targets and initiatives.

These KSFs and Risks include; Leadership, Talent, Teamwork, Strategic Clarity, Cross-functional Alignment, Processes, Systems & Structures, Market Intelligence, Culture and so on.

Our high engagement model energizes and aligns those who are charged with making it happen.

Traditionally organizations have mapped and managed how they manufacture products, but not how they manufacture customers, or generate revenue.

Ready to identify what is working & fix what is not?

The Revenue Track™ enables leaders to track, measure and optimize the relationship between what goes on in customer facing functions (sales, marketing and service) and the revenue of the corporation.    

What are the KSFs & Risks?

Energize and engage your team in an analysis of the end-to-end process for customer acquisition and retention.

The Revenue Track™ to illuminates the key success factors and risks to your ambitious revenue goals. 

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Adapting to New Buyer Realities

The buying landscape continues to evolve, resulting in a shift in the balance of power between buyer and seller and upending traditional sales processes.

The Revenue Track™ helps teams to adapt their sales and marketing processes to reflect how buyer buy,,.

Traditionally organizations have mapped and managed how they manufacture products, but not how they ‘manufacture’ customers, or generate revenue.

The Revenue Track™ enables leaders to track, measure and optimize the relationship between what goes on in customer facing functions (sales, marketing and service) and the revenue of the corporation.    

The Objectives of The Revenue Track™ include:

Boost confidence in meeting targets for revenue and margin, by identifying key success factors as well as risks to meeting the number.

Ambitious growth strategies require cross-functional collaboration plus an end to artificial silos between sales, services & marketing.

Keep pace with changes in how customers buy, adapting the sales – marketing process to reflect the new buying landscape.

Explore the Science behind The Revenue Track™:

How does it work?  An overview of The Revenue Track™:

Pitstop to Win™ typically takes place over 6-12 weeks and includes the following:

Analytics: Team + Stakeholders
4 x Virtual Pitstops
2 x Data-Led Coaching
2 x Leader Pre/Post Briefs
1 x Winning Move Adj.

Speedily get to the heart of the matter with data.  Illuminates opportunities, as well as risks & blind-spots

Pitstops instead of workshops – it is a speedy way for your team to identify what’s working & fix what is not.

Pitstops are about action.  Identify & exploit some quick wins to accelerate momentum, innovation & confidence.

What is the impact?  Client Stories:

Want to go deeper?  FAQs on the Revenue Track™:

How will you know if your team needs to Pitstop to Perform™?

Here are the most common reasons why leaders pitstop with their team:

  • Your team’s performance is critical to success.
  • The pressure to perform is beginning to have an impact on performance and well-being.
  • There are risks / concerns about the sustainability of performance.
  • You know that your team is capable of more – it has the potential for greater performance, innovation, and growth.
  • You want to build team cohesion.  People don’t always bring out the best in each other.
  • You are striving for increased speed and agility, as well as collaboration and innovation.
  • Embracing change requires working on culture or norms of behaviour.
  • You want to develop your leadership pipeline and grow your people.
Pitstop to Perform™ is ideal for critical projects and vital teams –  where performance matters.
That is because pitstops are a technique for sustained performance in complex and dynamic high pressure environments.
Pitstops are used where peak performance is required and where risks to performance need to be managed.

The economic justification or potential payback from Pitstop to Perform™ is measured in terms of the % of your team’s potential that it helps to unlock.

A quick calculation of what this might be can be made based on the cost of your team – calculate it for your team here:

Pitstop to Perform™ is a systematic analysis of the performance potential of your team, including its key performance losses and gains.  Data plays a key role in the process – qualitative and quantitative data paints the full potential of your team and the realities of its environment and work.

Data is captured online as well as during pitstops from the leader, the team and key stakeholders.  The data is used to check for hidden risks and blindspots, as well as to balance safety with respectful challenge.  Most importantly, the process of analysis generates new awareness and dialogue, within teams as powerful data modelling and visualization bring the data to life and tell a story.

There are lots of models in the world of business – take Porter’s 5 Forces and McKinsey 7S for example. But how to energize and engage Generation X, Y and Z executives in the dialog about performance and potential?

To communicate the latest research Pitstop to Perform™ employs a next generation model.- a visual representation of a complex algorithm that reframes the issue of performance to generate new openness, energy and engagement.

Pitstop to Perform™ uses imagery and concepts from F1 to reframe the conversation about performance – to depersonalize and depoliticize it to generate openness, ownership and creativity.

However, it is not about racing, but rather the performance and potential of your team and its critical projects/initiatives.  You don’t need to be fan of F1™!

If you are curious or interested in the performance-obsessed arena of F1, then it can be a source of inspiration to managers who must also perform under pressure (see video).

Pitstop to Perform™ generates 3-5 times more energy and engagement than a traditional management workshop or away day.  This is built into the design of the pitstop process and centres on 6 principles of delivery (shown here).

Pitstops build upon findings in the fields of Strategic Conversations, Positive Psychology, Team Coaching and Action Learning.

Pitstop to Perform™ is based on extensive applied research and extensive data analysis, as published in the book of the same name:

What do executives say about Pitstop to Perform™?


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