Ready to Check the Business Fundamentals of Your Initiative?

This ‘Chassis Inspection’ is a systematic analysis of the business fundamentals of a critical project.

For each of the 9 fundamentals, the video first sets the context and then poses a series of questions.

How to Use?

The video explores all 9 Business Fundamentals one after another for 11 minutes from start to finish.

However, we recommend that you pause the video to reflect on the answers to the questions on screen.

Alternatively, you can jump to any Business Fundamental using the list icon (bottom right).

You can press pause at any point to give you more time to answer the questions on the screen.

You can adjust the speed of the video by clicking on the cog icon – bottom right.

Download the one-page ‘chassis tool’ and use it to enter your answers to the questions.

Why Use This?

  • Assess the level of clarity and alignment in respect of your project or initiative’s business fundamentals.
  • Identify those parts of the chassis that are likely to require attention and represent risks to success.
  • The analysis will identify any potential gap between strategy and execution or between the project team and the c-suite

How to Use?

This ‘chassis inspection’ is used in conjunction with the one-page ‘Project Chassis’ tool. It informs the process of:

  • Assessing the chassis for your project (either using the online analytics or in a pitstop)
  • Completing the chassis (filling out the various blank panels to define business need, etc.)

Explore the 9 Fundamentals – navigate below: