Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We help ambitious leaders to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of their business units and teams through a range of products and services:

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The Pitstop family of products and services is powered by Pitstop Analytics™ – our unique capability in performance analytics,  meta-modelling and data visualization.  So, let’s begin by exploring data at the core of all that we do.

Pitstop Analytics™ – Performance Potential Measured, Modelled & Unlocked 

Want to better understand & predict your business unit/team’s performance potential?

To unlock the performance potential, of an organization, business unit or leader and team requires objective data – lots of it.

Inspired by BIG data to drive performance in F1™, the PitStop Analytics™ platform scientifically measures performance and performance potential (P2P Metric™) within organizations, business units, teams, and individuals.

Data is used to model your organization/team’s performance potential – showing exactly where it is and how it can be exploited. 

PitStop Analytics™ captures 200+ performance variables to enable data-driven decisions in respect of leadership, talent, alignment, purpose, structure, strategy-execution, teamwork and culture.

PitStop Analytics™ accelerates time to insight, generating clarity while saving time for all those involved. It creates a 360-degree view of performance and potential based on input from across your organization, unit or team.

Data gathering is cloud-based and super fast. Once the data is gathered algorithms and predictive models take over systematically scanning for performance losses, risks, and gains – measuring, categorizing, and prioritizing them.

We help leaders extract meaning from masses of data by building profiles using the PitStop Meta-model™. This is key not just to understanding past performance, but to predicting future performance and to modelling the impact of changes on results.

Hi-Impact Workshops for Executive Teams

Looking for workshops to un-lock the performance potential of your people?

Our high-impact workshops for leaders and emerging leaders are called Pitstops.  Just like in racing they are designed to optimize performance and help your team to win.

During the pitstop your leaders work like a pitcrew to review the performance of key projects, priorities & strategies. Based on the latest science & psychology, pitstops are designed for high-engagement.

People leave pitstops with breakthrough insights and specific actions to deliver quantifiable impact/results.

Participants use proven tools & frameworks (provided in a pitstop kit) to assess and optimize their performance potential as individuals and teams.  Key to this is a new way of looking at performance, called the Pitstop Meta-model™.

Pitstops are led by expert coaches. They can last 1, 2 or 3 days and are supported by performance data and data modelling.  There is a sequence of 8 different types of pitstops – each one designed to address a specific aspect of performance.  These can be run separately, or as part of a pitstop Learning & Development or Leadership program.

Pitstops are results driven and add new energy and impetus to management away-days, strategy days or leader team-building workshops.  Because they blend learning with action, pitstops are a powerful alternative to traditional ‘classroom-based’ leader training.

Pitstop Workshop budgets depend on the client’s definition of success, the number of attendees, duration, data modelling requirements and location.

Leadership or Learning & Development Programs 

Looking for a program to generate new learning & drive change?

Programs of 3, 6 & 12 months to deliver specific business impact / results (typically 7-25%).

All our PitStop Programs are designed to specific client needs and the specific opportunities or challenges being faced. 

Data plays a key role in all programs.  Programs begin with data, using performance analytics (Pitstop Analytics™) to measure and model performance potential, then showing how it can be unlocked.  Programs end with data too – thereby tracking progress and quantifying the results achieved.

Key drivers for programs include; the demand for increased agility/innovation or change, the development and retention of talent, developing future leaders and accelerating performance/growth.

Programs build confidence and skill, providing leaders and their teams with the tools and frameworks to maximize their performance potential.

Pitstop programs are based on a philosophy of potential. They accelerate learning and innovation, as well as engagement and teamwork.

Programs have up to 8 components including; performance data modelling, performance profiling, behavioral analysis, competency/skills development, individual/team coaching and PitStop Workshops

A key focus is on participants measuring and optimizing their potential for long term and sustained impact. All our programs involve measurement and testing. Their objective is to unlock 7-25% potential.

Engage & Inspire Your Audience

Looking to engage & energize your conference or event?

Insights and inspiration from the racetrack to energize and engage your conference audience over the course of 1-2 days.

Designed to achieve specific measurable objectives, based on the opportunities & challenges facing the client’s organization or industry.

Pitstop inspired conferences and events are a high-energy alternative to top tables and PowerPoint presentations.  Attendees will work as pit teams and will be organized into pit lanes (typically 6-10 people) located around the conference room.

Attendees will get the opportunity to measure and model their own potential while dialoguing with peers and colleagues using proven toolkits and models. At the end of the conference / event, participants are asked to commit to taking the PitStop execution test which aims to measure conference outcomes.

Want to bring insights from the racetrack to your conference audience?  We can provide access to keynote speakers from the performance-obsessed arena of F1™.

Our speaker panel include: Mark Gallagher, David Coulthard and Derek Daly. Topics include: Principles behind great teams and drivers in the sport of Formula One™, Leadership (Feel Sensitive and Technically Sensitive Leaders), Client-Centricity, Risk Management, Motivation, Innovation, Change Management, Marginal Gains, The Role of Data in Leadership, Execution and Teaming.

Performance Insights from Expert Speakers

Looking for an expert to motivate or inspire your people?

Our internationally recognized experts are available to share the latest science & psychology of performance, with added inspiration from the performance-obsessed arena of F1™.

PitStop Seminars topics include: Performance Potential, Optimizing Talent, Accelerating Growth, Return on Collaboration™, and the Role of Data in Teaming. 

They reveal the latest thinking and research insights from the fields of business psychology, performance design, performance dynamics, leadership and strategy-execution,  supported by global bench-marking data.  Seminars are designed in 1 to 3 hour time slots.

Our objective is to energize and engage your leader audience, providing them with a powerful multi-disciplinary framework for measuring and unlocking their performance potential.

Ideal for breakfast briefings, external speaker slots, networking and other events.

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