Your Opportunities & Challenges

Your Opportunities & Challenges 

We work with Senior Leaders, Talent, Business Unit Heads and others to address the key opportunities and challenges they are facing.  Here we explore how we can help you based on your job title or role.

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The concept of performance potential is a universal one.  It applies across all business roles and functions – in all organizations, business units, departments and teams that have not yet realized their full potential. Not surprisingly, however there are differences across roles and functions.  

The CEO and the Head of Talent, for example, may have different perspectives on how performance potential is to be measured, unlocked and so on. That is why our products and services are tailored to the needs of your specific role.  

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We help Senior Leaders & Senior Leadership Teams work on the following key business drivers:

(Wondering about the racetrack imagery?  We take inspiration from the performance-obsessed arena of F1™)

Unlocking Performance Potential

Senior Leaders are quick to recognize the unexploited potential within their organizations, business units and teams.  For some, such unexploited potential represents a great opportunity – a source of pride and confidence for the future.  Others see their organizations or teams operating so much below their full potential as a frustrating waste of talent and resources.  We work with both, helping them to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of their teams, typically by 7-25%.

Creating a High-Performing SLT

The most important team or unit of performance within any organization is actually its Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The decisions made at the top table affect the entire organization, moreover the behavior of those around the table shape the culture of an organization. Yet, most Senior Managers will say that their SLT is operating at less that two thirds of its full potential.  Moreover, cross functional collaboration at the highest levels within an organization can present real challenges. We help SLTs to build effective cross-functional collaboration and alignment essential to sustained success and innovation.

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We help HR and L&D work on key concerns, including:

Solutions for HR & Talent

  • Talent Analytics – Profile your organization, business unit or team's:
    • Performance potential
    • Employee experience, satisfaction & engagement
    • Employee Feedback
  • Ease structural/cultural transformation
  • Future Leaders – identify. test & develop
  • Optimize Performance Management
  • High-performing teams / team-building

Learning & Development Solutions

  • Hi-Potential Programs – to identify & develop future leaders
  • Training Workshops – action-focused & delivering a quantifiable impact
  • Individual & Team Coaching for Performance
  • Adaptive Skills Workshops – focusing on behavioral change
  • Skills interventions to improve teamwork & collaboration
  • Training underpinned by a powerful model of change & engagement

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We help Business Unit Heads to work on the following key drivers:

‘What % of your business unit's full potential is presently being exploited?'  That is the BIG Question.  Ask your team and you are likely to be surprised.

The average across industry is 61%, with views within the same organizations typically ranging from 40% to 80%.

Knowing the actual percentage of full potential exploited for your business unit is interesting, but knowing how it can be increased is even more important still.  We enable both.

We help business unit heads and their reports to:

  • Determine the percentage of their full potential presently being exploited and how it can be increased.
  • Test the level of engagement, alignment and collaboration in the pursuit (or refinement) of your unit's goals.
  • Build the resilience and cohesion required to cope with increasing stakeholder demands and accelerating marketplace change.

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We work with all types of teams to help them to build unlock individual and collective performance potential:

Managing a team?

Increasingly, managers are learning that you cannot simply bring a group of talented individuals together and expect a high performing team.  Indeed, research shows that only 1 in 20 teams achieve peak performance.
The good news is that most teams have up to 40% more to give.  Unlocking this performance potential promises not only improved task effectiveness, but better decision-making and improved innovation.  It can also create an environment that brings out the best in people and improves well-being too.  So, it is a real win-win.
Backed by team analytics, we help leaders and their teams to unlock their untapped potential, working in particular on:
  • Team-building
  • Team Set-up & Design (e.g. right people in the right roles, etc.)
  • Team Affinity/Pride/Cohesiveness
  • Purpose & Alignment
  • Team health & Well being
  • Team Dynamics
  • Stakeholder Needs
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We help leaders and their teams in Sales, Marketing and Service in the following areas:

Solutions for Sales & Marketing Teams

  • Revenue Performance Management – analyze & optimize the revenue cycle from lead to order
  • High-impact training for high-value complex
  • Deal Management – Analysis & optimization of processes & skills
  • Selling to Professional Buyers – Insights & Skills
  • Sales & BD training for professionals from other functions/backgrounds
  • Visit our popular insights portal for the complex sale at Buyer-Seller Insights
  • We have published 3 books for the & marketing community – see them here
  • Recognized as a global leader in selling to professional buyers (ES Research, USA)

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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