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May 31, 2016
Predictive Growth Analytics – Team of 10 People
June 28, 2016
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Predictive Growth Analytics – Team of 5 People


Want an assessment of your organization, business unit, or team’s growth performance and potential? The Growth Pitstop® is the fastest and most powerful way. The online assessment measures 248 growth-related variables that are proven predictors of growth. Then sophisticated algorithms and visualization tools analyse, benchmark and present organization, unit or team results in a powerful 50 page report of performance, as well as potential.


In high speed racing, a rapid assessment of performance and potential is key. Business is no different. The online Growth Pitstop® assessment is used by senior management teams to:
• Create their own Growth Potential Index Score & benchmark
• Engage cross functional stakeholder perspectives on growth
• Accelerate the process of data gathering
• Identify hidden growth potential
• Highlight potential risks
• Save time and prevent analysis paralysis
• Validate/test PitStop decision making with data analytics.

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