Privacy Policy

Why data is gathered?

  1. You have been asked / authorized by your manager or organization to complete this online analytics in the normal course of your work.
  2. The objective is to provide you and other team members with a voice and to gather perspectives that will help your org./team make better decisions regarding the maximization of its potential. Data will not be used for any other purpose.
  3. Your data cannot and will NOT be used for any other purpose (e.g. especially NOT email marketing).  Once gathered your data cannot and will NOT be shared with any 3rd parties.
  4. Your data is protected by a strict corporate Non-disclosure Agreement between Growth Pitstop™ / its partner and your organization.

What data is gathered?

  1. The only data we gather is the data that you enter online in response to the questions asked by the analytics.
  2. The data gathered is limited to your perspectives on 100+ variables related to the performance potential of your organization or team.  These include organizational design, culture/dynamics, leadership and so on.  You will also be asked about how these factors impact on you, including your performance and well-being.
  3. No information, normally considered commercially sensitive, is gathered.  For example, no revenue or profitability numbers, no shareholder information, no numbers on staff turnover, staff overheads, customer spend, profitability, etc.
  4. No information, normally considered personally invasive, is gathered.  The data gathered is about people identifying what they feel is working well and what (if anything) could be improved with the organization, team or strategy.  The analytics is not about rating, or evaluating individuals.  There are no right or wrong answers.  The objective is to capture perspectives across an organization/team.
  5. Names and email addresses are captured.  Email addresses are not used for any purpose than as a unique identifier for your data.  Your name will only be used in the output to shown that your perspectives are included and to allow inter-team comparisons in selected pages of the report.

How do we use your data?

  1. Your data will be merged with your team processed, together with that of your colleagues, via an algorithm and meta-model aimed at identifying ways in which your organization/team can maximize its potential.
  2. Online data capture creates an individual performance potential perspective (IPPP) for each team member. This is converted into a string of numerical data up to 200+ characters for each respondent which is fed into the pitstop algorithm ready for analysis.
  3. The Individual Perspectives (IPPPs) of team members are merged to create a consolidated performance potential perspectives (CPPP) for each group or team.  This is a data set of up to 2000 data points for a small team
  4. Groups and teams are mapped against the pitstop global inventory of performance losses (GIPL) – that is a list of almost 200 factors (based on proprietary research) that can either inhibit or drive business unit or team performance.  This results in the identification and classification of the factors that can enable a specific group/team to exploit its full potential.
  5. Proprietary analytics extract meaning from masses of data (CIPPs and IPPPs) by using predictive modelling and big data visualization. Using the pitstop meta-model the data is brought to life and tells a story in report format (shown here).
  6. Reports show aggregate unit/team data only.  Where team members are plotted they are not identified in any way.
  7. Reports are confidential and are not shared with any third party.  Access to reports within your organization is controlled by the designated manager (normally the manager who has commissioned the analytics).
  8. Only the leader’s data is  isolated as a comparison to the aggregate data throughout the report – this enables leaders to see if their perspectives are the same as those of their teams.
  9. Periodically we generate industry-wide reports showing high level trends, these use only the highest level aggregated data (where names and other identifying details of organizations and people are removed).

What security is in place?

  1. We protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) software, which encrypts the information you input.
  2. The secure online forms used to capture data are hosted under contract with industry-leader Survey Gizmo LLC upon Amazon Web Services provides the storage infrastructure.  Survey Gizmo is a member of the EU-US Privacy Shield.  See its own strict privacy policy and GDPR processes here.
  3. Only Growth Pitstop’s designated Data Protection Officer is authorized to access or process client / user data.  Data is unusable until it is processed by an algorithm and model/report builder software.
  4. Once reports are generated they are emailed to client sponsors (password protected) by the designed account manager / consultant and deleted from our servers within 30 days.

In keeping with best practice and regulations you are entitled to request the deletion of your data, or to see your data at any time.  Click on the relevant link below and you will be able to send a request by email.

Request Deletion

To request deletion of your data click on the link below.  For authentication please use your work email (as used when you completed the online analytics).

See Your Data

Click on the link below to email us requesting to see your data.  For authentication please use your work email (as used when you completed the online analytics).

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