Scientific Assessment

Got an accurate & honest assessment of performance & potential for your organiaztion, or team?

Every manager has their own view of the performance of their organization, unit, or team. But is it based on fact, feeling or fiction?

Arriving at a single shared view of performance isn't easy. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can be uncomfortable and even contentious. Staying objective can also be a challenge, with personalities and politics often getting in the way.

Reconciling different perspectives presents challenges too. Unable to see outside their functions or silos managers and teams may be pulling in different directions, pursuing competing priorities and projects.

The Growth Pitstop™ overcomes these challenges to speedily deliver a single shared and accurate view of performance, as well as potential.

scientific growth assessment

Performance Analytics

Has your organization got a data-driven approach to managing performance?

How performance is managed in F1™ offers inspiration for managers everywhere. Decisions on how to make the car go faster are data-driven with sensors generating performance data from every part of the car. The Growth Pitstop does the same for managers who want their organizations or teams to grow faster.

The Growth Pitstop captures performance data on the revenue generating/value creating machinery of the business, as well as on the team responsible for driving, developing and maintaining it. This information is used to help teams to win.

Measuring up to 248 growth related variables (strategy, leadership, vision, etc.) the Pitstop assessment is conducted online and takes each manager only 26 minutes. Complex algorithms then analyze the dataset (almost 6000 data points for a medium size team) and visualize it.

The PitStop doesn't just measure, it predicts performance too. It leverages extensive benchmarking data across 47 markets and 12 industries to deliver the highest level of accuracy & reliability, compensating for bias, as well as blind spots. The pitstop is one of the most sophisticated assessments available being built on the latest business and behavioral research, including 1.5 million pages of global best practice research and 4 published books.

data analytics for business

Our Purpose

An expose of attitudes & behaviors regarding performance & growth

The PitStop probes attitudes and behaviors to understand performance, while at the same time challenging old ways of thinking and tackling blind spots. It also looks for patterns of inconsistency or misalignment between managers and across business units, departments and teams.

The PitStop engages behavioral psychology to change the way people see the opportunities and challenges facing their organization/team. Built upon a business change model it generates a powerful new dialogue around performance – one that results in new awareness, focus, mobilization and action.

The pitstiop is designed to motivate people to increased success – shaping the vision, guiding strategy and driving execution.

psychology of growth

Want to find out more?

What does it ANALYZE?
  • 102 growth related variables (including the most important growth accelerators / inhibitors)
  • Areas addressed: growth performance & potential, leadership, culture, vision, mind-set, alignment, strategy & execution.
  • Variables selected based on global best practice and cross industry benchmarking.
What does it REVEAL?
  • Hidden growth potential including gaps in strategy, execution, ambition and teamwork.
  • Accelerators and inhibitors to growth (i.e. key opportunities and challenges)
  • Alignment issues – conflicting priorities & divergent views.
  • Blind spots, limiting beliefs and false assumptions on the part of managers.
  • Unspoken issues of risk, politics, or performance.
  • The 'soft stuff' including: Organizational Leadership, Culture, Vision, Mindset and Empowerment
  • The 'hard stuff' including  accountability, reporting, controls, planning and implementation.
How does it BENCHMARK?
  • Benchmarking against internal and external best practice
  • Industry-wide benchmarking across 47 international markets
  • External reference point prevents a 'blinkered view'
  • Compares results across business units, departments & managers over time
What does it MEASURE?
  • Growth performance to date
  • Future growth potential
  • At the level of the organization, as well as for different business units, projects & teams
  • From multiple perspectives within the organization/unit
  • External comparison / industry benchmarking
What is the SCIENCE?
  • Built on benchmarking data over 47 markets, 4 books published and 1.5 million pages of best practice research.
  • Uses a sophisticated / scientific assessment that delivers the highest level of accuracy & reliability.
  • Compensates for bias, as well as blind spots on the part of managers.
  • Measures the science as well as the psychology of growth
  • Leverages complex algorithms and predictive analytics.
How does it VALIDATE?
  • Challenges the way people see things:
    • Tackling blind spots, false assumptions, etc.
    • Reconcile external and internal realities.
    • Objectively determined – free or personalities and politics
  • Compares and contrasts results across business units, departments and managers
  • Compensates for bias, as well as blind spots on the part of managers.
  • Checks for internal consistency - e.g. reveals hidden attitudes and beliefs that could limit growth.
  • Benchmarking against external best practice to avoid a blinkered view of reality
How does it RECONCILE?
Reconciling (and where necessary challenging) perspectives across the organization is key:
  • Do the team see things clearly?
  • Does everybody see things the same way?
  • What are the options for growth?
  • What can’t the team see – its blind-spots?
  • Is the team future focused & positive?
  • What is the external perspective?