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Performance: The 37% Paradox

‘People are our most important asset’ said the CEO before taking a pause.  ‘But, the data tells us that they are operating at just 63% of their full potential’.  ‘That is a wake-up call’ she continued.

‘Imagine what we could achieve by tapping into the missing 37%’ the CEO added after a short pause.  ‘Alternatively, imagine what will happen if we don’t!’’ she continued in a more somber tone.

Before long, an ambitious goal was set to raise the score to 75% of full potential being utilized within 12-14 months. Progress was measured on a quarterly basis with leaders and their units / teams taking responsibility for progressively unlocking ‘the missing 37%’.

Data revealed % of full potential exploited of 63%

Here is a snapshot of the data showing how an additional 12% of performance potential was exploited:

Performance Potential: The percentage of full potential being exploited rose from 63% to 76% over 12 months, thereby excedding the target set.

Performance-Under-Pressure: Data revealed a rise in well-being and intrinsic motivation of approx. 10%, while the perceived level of pressure fell by a similar figure.

Performance Dynamics: Structural changes had a positive impact, with the score for design increasing by 12%.  Improved scores for cohesion, adrenaline and respect represented a cultural shift in the organization..

‘Unlocking even a small percentage of so much untapped potential could transform our organization, even our industry…

Chief Executive

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Our solutions are used by client organizations that operate in complex and highly regulated environments.

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