Looking to boost or sustain business performance? 

Pitstops are a technique for sustained performance in dynamic high-pressure environments where effective mid-race adjustment is key.

Pitstops are essential when performance really matters:

Confidence in execution often lags the ambition of strategy in areas ranging from digital transformation to organizational change and new products or markets.

pitstop strategic initiatives

Pitstops ensure that the rubber meets the road in terms of the effective execution of strategy, focusing on those projects & initiatives that will bring these strategies to life.

The pandemic has put leadership teams to the test. It is now time to look to the future – to re-energize and re-align in respect of tomorrow’s key business priorities.

Pitstops are key to sustained performance under pressure. They help critical teams to quickly take stock, address obstacles and prioritize what needs to be done.

Pitstops at a glance…

An overview of pitstops for strategic priorities & critical teams, including KPIs, challenge & data involved.

Get the detail here:

Pitstop Strategic Priorities

Pitstop Critical Teams

The key aspects of pitstops are:

Pitstops instead of workshops – it is a speedy way for your team to identify what’s working & fix what is not.

Pitstops take place in a program sequence over 6-10 weeks to deliver measurable impact.

Speedily get to the heart of the matter with data.  It illuminates opportunities, as well as risks & blind-spots

Pitstops are about business opportunities & challenges, with a little added inspiration.

You don’t have to be a fan of motor racing, its language and imagery are used to re-frame the dialog about performance.

Pitstops get people thinking and talking about old problems in new ways.  The result is up to 3 times more energy, engagement and innovation.

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