Pitstop University™

Pitstop University™ helps leaders & teams to embed the performance gains identified via Pitstop Analytics™ and Pitstop workshops. 

It is an accelerated learning platform incorporating pioneering research into the emerging field of Performance Potential.

Managing performance isn’t easy.  Unlocking Performance Potential is even more complex still.  There is no magic bullet and no one discipline has all the answers.

Pitstop University™ will guide you step-by-step into a progressive deeper understanding of the requirements of unlocking performance potential.  It will systematically expand your tool kit as you progress through pitstop programs.

Pitstop University™ contains the research published in a series of ground-breaking pitstop books including: Pitstop to Perform™™, Growth Pitstop™ and the Revenue Track™.   The research is data driven – powered by the Pitstop Analytics™ platform.

In addition to its own applied research and the resulting frameworks and tools, there is extensive peer referencing that provides you with a index of sources should you wish to dig deeper into any particular topics.

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