How would you rate the capability level of your talent / team?

What new capabilities & skills are required?

What does the continued success of your organization require in terms of new talent and skills?

What must team members learn if there are to spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance?™

Pitstop training solutions are based on a scientific analysis of talent, confidence and skill. That means training interventions can be designed for maximum impact.

Pitstop Analytics™ provide a before and after measure of performance potential for individuals and teams.  

Did your last training deliver a real ROI?

When it comes to bending the needle on performance, we question the effectiveness of traditional class-room style training.  

Not only does it struggle to engage today's high performers, but it does not demonstrate a credible ROI.

We stopped doing traditional Power Point™ based training because we found (and created) something better.

Introducing Results Based Learning™

In a pitstop there is little time for theory and discussion. Action is required and fast learning too – that is why Pitstop programs employ Results-Based Learning™ (RBL).

RBL translates learning into action and, most importantly, into results.

Q: What results do you need and what actions will be required?

RBL involves individuals working in small groups on their own priorities to achieve specific measurable results while growing in confidence and learning through the process.

What result/actions do you need?

It was a good training session, or workshop.  But what exactly is going to happen as a result?  Most of what is learned is never put into practice.  Things stay the way they were.  But pitstops employ a new model of engagement & change.

Before people leave pitstop training workshops they make public commitments to specific goals and to taking action to realize them.  These are called winning moves. 

Progress is tracked after the event, including quick-wins, setbacks and lessons learned.

How do you learn?

Today we know more about how people learn than ever before.  We know that traditional classroom environments are poor environments for learning.

The most effective learning is focused on the needs of individuals, co-operative or team-based and focused on tackling specific problems and blends learning with action. 

These principles are key to the pitstop approach and Results Based Learning. It is up to 3 times more effective than traditional training.

Looking to change attitudes or behaviors?

Many of today's challenges require more than new technical skills. They are ‘adaptive' and require changes in attitudes and behaviors, even in the underlying models or mindset.  The require higher levels of engagement, creative problem solving and innovation.

The problem is that classroom-based training may be ok for the acquisition of new technical skills. However, Powerpoint™ slideshows are not enough to engage and energize or to change attitudes and behaviors.  More is needed….

How will you embed & sustain?

Beware once-off training interventions – they are destined to fail!

A programmatic approach is key to embedding new capabilities and behaviors and sustaining change.

Pitstop programs integrate new learning with winning moves, coaching, analytics and more.  They leverage psychology to engage attitudes and behaviors, together with the Pitlane Engage-Change model.

The Pitstop Advantage

What makes the Pitstop Approach Special?

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Building the confidence, capabilities and skills to drive measurable performance gains.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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