Our Workshops are PITSTOPS!

Imagine your team working with the focus, urgency & discipline of a pit team

You need to energize and engage your team around performance and potential, but are weary of lots of talking and little action.  You don’t need another workshop – it is time to pitstop!

Performance Potential  It is time to Pitstop!

Your leaders will pitstop the performance of their key teams, projects and strategic initiatives.  The objective is to un-lock performance potential of 7-25%.

Your leaders will work like a pit team.  The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team to review performance, identify opportunities for improvement and exploit them fast.  The process is data-driven, powered by the Pitstop Meta-model™ and underpinned by the psychology of change.

Your Team Unlocking its Potential

In a F1™ race, a pit team of 20 will change all 4 tires in under 2 seconds.  Such performance under pressure sets the new standard for teamwork.  But how quickly can your team agree what is working & fix what is not? Let’s find out.

In many organizations the term ‘performance’ isn’t always positive and conversations on the topic can be difficult. However, pitstops use models & tools to change the nature of the performance debate – ensuring it future focused & positive.  The result is a new level of energy & engagement around performance.

Data-Driven Pitstop Decisions 

Data is essential to keeping it real. So, before entering the pitstop your team will complete Pitstop Analytics™ online. Just as in F1™, data guides decisions made during your team’s pitstop.

Pitstops leverage big data to identify opportunities to drive performance.  However, it is not about another report or data-set.  In the pitstop data is brought to live and tells a story. Engaging people in the data is key to generating breakthrough insights and spurring action.


A Suite of Pitstops to Tackle Key Opportunities & Challenges

There are 8 different types of PitStops – each one designed to tackles a specific performance opportunity or challenge facing your organization or team. Pitstops are ideal for Management Conferences & Away-days, but also form the building blocks of Leadership & Change Programs tailored to client needs.

Pitsops are data and results-driven and underpinned by the Pitstop Engage-Change Model™ and the latest science & psychology of performance.  Each pitstop is linked to a component part of the PitStop Meta-Model™ and is supported by a range of high-impact exercises, Results Based Learning™ materials and tools provided to participants in kit form.

Pit-Stops are no ordinary meetings or workshops. Explore the inspiration from the racetrack, as well as the science & psychology, behind the powerful pitstop approach.

Out-maneuvering the competition, driver passion & skill, technological innovation – all of these key success factors in F1™ resonate with managers.  But there is another vital KSF – the Pitstop.

The conversations that take place in a PitStop are different.  They are high impact strategic conversations that result in new insights and breakthroughs.

Here are the words used by managers to describe the pitstop & its impact:

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