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Review & re-energize your key projects, strategies & initiatives the F1™ way.


Research shows that peak performing teams review their strategies and priorities differently to others.  There is much more energy and engagement, greater speed and collaboration too.  In short, their project and strategy reviews are more like pitstops than workshops!
We get executive teams working with the speed, discipline and focus of a pit team assessing performance, identifying opportunities/risks and tackling them fast. 

Quarter-end: The count-down is on…

Quarter-end is approaching fast.  But are your key targets, projects and strategies on track for success?  To find out take a pitstop.

Focused on year-end instead?

Your Team – Unlocking its Potential

You want to energize and engage your team around its key projects and priorities, but are weary of lots of talking and little action.  You don’t need another workshop – it is time to pitstop!

In high pressure environments, when the clock is ticking there is no time to be wasted.  Pulling into the lane only makes sense if it enables the team to go faster – if it increases the chances of winning.  There is little patience for talking shops and endless debate.  Our executive pitstops accelerate the process of decision making and execution, without compromising on levels of engagement and dialog.

Performance Potential  Your Pit team Revealed

Your executives will pitstop their key projects and strategic priorities. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify opportunities for improvement (typically 7-25%) and exploit them fast.

In a F1™ race, a pit team of 20 will change all 4 tires in under 2 seconds.  Such performance under pressure sets the new standard for teamwork and agility.  But how quickly can your team agree what is working & fix what is not? Let’s find out.

Your Projects & Priorities – The Hidden 50% of Success

Pitstops address a key oversight in respect of ensuring the successful execution of strategic projects and priorities.   That is a range of factors that could account for as much as 50% of success.

Compared to the time spent on planning strategic projects, little attention is given to the teams that are to run them or the cultural and structural factors operating on them.  Yet, when it comes to understanding why any strategic projects or initiatives struggle to affect change, these factors are paramount.

Your Projects & Priorities – Essential Adjustments for Success

Faced with an accelerating rate of change, organizations are demanding greater agility and innovation.  That is what pitstops are all about – the ability to blend strategy with execution and adapt swiftly to change.

The driver starts the race with the perfect strategy and a fine-tuned racecar, but that may not last long.  The perfect strategy can be made redundant in an instant by a change in road conditions or the moves of a competitor.  The driver must be ready to speedily adapt by pulling the car into the pitlane for essential adjustments.

PitStop Suite – there is a pitstop for each key performance opportunity or challenge facing your organization or team.

Pitstop – the key features

Pitstops are no ordinary workshops – here is an overview of the key features.

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