Concerned about your team’s performance potential?

There are 4 dimensions of any team:

1. Task Effectiveness – we gets the job done well!
2. Social Health – we bring out the best in each other
3. Decisions Smarts – we are clever & wise!
4. Development Potential – we get better & better!

Developing the performance potential of any team requires working on all 4 dimensions.  That is the pitstop approach.

Want to improve your team’s health & cohesion?

There is an increasing realization that the social dimension matters.  Called ‘Organizational Health’, research suggests it may account for up to 50% of success*.

A team’s ability to do its work effectively is still the primary consideration.  However, without positive interactions and a certain level of cohesion among team members performance will inevitably suffer. 

* See for example: Alex “Sandy” Pentland, ‘The New Science of Building Great Teams’, HBR, Apr. 2012 & Scott Keller & Colin Price, ‘Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage’, Wiley 2011.

How well do your people work as a team?

The ability to work together in teams and across functions is a key requirement of success. Unfortunately, it does not come naturally to most.

The good news however is that the ability to work effectively in teams (called ‘team-ability’) can be developed.  It centers on 8 key attitudes and behaviors (called dynamics).  These dynamics are measured by Pitstop Analytics™ and worked on in pitstop programs and events help teams to  

Want to blend the social with the serious?

We draw a distinction between traditional team-building and more fundamental team-development.

  Out-door team adventures, zip-wires, or blindfolded trust games are helpful, but they cannot be expected to address underlying behavioral or structural problems, such as culture, the wrong people in the wrong roles, or the lack of a clear and compelling purpose for the team.

All though pitstops are high energy and even fun, they are challenging too.   Pitstops go to the heart of team performance, as well as team health and cohesiveness.

Where is your team on its journey?

Teams are at different stages in their development – some are starting out and others are coming to an end.  Their needs are different as a result.

We meet teams where they are at on their development journey… on the path from Crowd to Team, even Peak Performing Team.

What result/actions do you need?

It was a good away-day session, or workshop.  But what exactly is going to happen as a result?  Well, in most cases things stay the way they were.  A new model of engagement & change is needed.

Before people leave pitstop training workshops they make public commitments to specific goals and to taking action to realize them.  These are called winning moves. 

Progress is tracked after the event, including quick-wins, setbacks and lessons learned.

The Pitstop approach to team-building has 5 elements:

The Pitstop Advantage

What makes the Pitstop Approach Special?

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Data-driven & evidence-based approach.

Underpinned by the latest science & research

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