Our Team

The members of the international Pitstop team share a passion for unlocking the potential of leaders and their teams:

John O Gorman

Managing Partner Growth Pitstop, UK & Ireland

John is an accredited executive coach and managing partner of Growth PitStop®. His passion is performance psychology, unlocking human potential and aligning models of growth and performance thinking.  He is co-author of the Pitstop research series of 6 books.

Ray Collis

Director Pitstop Analytics, Nordics

Ray leads the development of the Growth Pitstop®’s cloud-based data analytics and algorithm, now used to identify millions of dollars of performance losses and potential gains across the financial services, pharmaceutical, medical device and high-tech sectors. He is co-author of the Pitstop series of 6 books.

John Murphy

Pitstop Ambassador, France

John is an experienced executive and business coach who has delivered Pitstops to teams in many big name brands.  Building peak performing teams is his passion.

Derek Daly

Pitstop Ambassador, USA.

Derek retired from F1™ after completing 64 Grand Prix races.  An entrepreneur and conference speaker, he is author of ’Race to Win’ &  ‘How to Become a Complete Champion Driver’.

Ryan O Reilly

Pitstop Ambassador, Europe

Ryan is an experienced manager, accomplished presenter and author.  He is also a qualified business coach.

Robert McKernan

Pitstop Partner, Ireland.

Robert is an experienced pitstop facilitator.  He is a successful consultant and coach working with Commercial and other teams and based in Dublin, Ireland.

The Growth Pitstop™ is a growing International community of end user companies and teams who run pitstops in their organizations, as well as network of partners in the executive education, consulting, coaching and team-building space who offer pitstop solutions to their clients. 
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