Pit Crews have access to the best tools.  That enables them to get the job done and fast!  Similarly, the Growth PitStop™ uses the best tools to enable teams to perform at their maximum.

The diagram below shows a toolbox like those used by pit teams.  Click on any compartment of the toolbox to explore the tools it contains.

Cognitive Reframing Assessment Benchmarking Results Based Learning FAST Strategy Performance Coaching Strategic Conversations


The Growth PitStop™ leverages proven tools and techniques from 7 disciplines.  Select an area by clicking on the toolbox.


Blending Science & Psychology

The PitStop is a merger of both science and pyschology because unlocking potential and accelerating change requires ‘winning hearts as well as minds.’ Scientific data alone is not enough.


The PitStop is built on a solid bedrock of scientific research and analysis:

– It leverages extensive benchmarking data derived from global best practice research across 47 countries.

– It provides access to a suite of scientific assessments that measure 107 dimensions of strategy and 97 dimensions of capability (skills, process & systems).

– It is based on 1.05 million pages of best practice research tracking the latest thinking from Harvard, Stanford as well as a host of other sources.  This research is ongoing.


This PitStop addresses the mental and emotional aspects of success:

– It employs the latest insights into; how people engage with complex issues, how people learn and the process of changing attitudes and behaviors.

– The Pit-Stop is underpinned by a sophisticated change model and leverages techniques, such as:
Cognitive Reframing – to enable people to engage with the subject of growth performance in a way that is free of personalities and politics
Systems Thinking – helping managers to see inter-relationships and linkages that may have been previously overlooked.

Integrating Multiple Disciplines & Techniques

It is not one particular technique that makes the PitStop so powerful – after all no one solution has all the answers.  Rather it is the seamless integration of such a range of complementary techniques within the one process.

The seamless integration of such a range of complementary techniques within the one process is unique to the Growth PitStop™.