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Pitstop Research Series of Books

Pitstop Research Book Series

The pitstop research is presented across a series of acclaimed books published over a decade.  


Packed with insights and tools, they are more precisely described as toolkits, rather than books.

Pitstop Books Sample Chapters:

Based on research with 900+ teams, this book will help leaders of organizations, business units and teams to:

1. Scientifically measure performance potential, called the P2P Metric

2. Systematically convert Performance Losses into Gains of 7%-25%

3. Spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance™.

The first book in the world to integrate behavioral dynamics and team design with business strategy and execution.

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Pitstop to PERFORM™ is not just a book, it is the powerful methodology for unlocking the performance potential of organisations, leaders and teams (typically by 7-25%).  It is at the core of Pitstop workshops, events and programs and underpinned by Pitstop Analytics™.

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Research shows that most firms are exploiting just 55% of their full growth potential.  Growth Pitstop® provides a meta-model to fully engage your team in accelerating sustained and profitable growth.

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Provides leaders with a powerful new framework to test and build team performance.  Specifically, a team’s task effectiveness, decisions smarts, social health and development potential.

Teams Don't Work™ (TDW) is about the reality of teams.  It makes an impassioned case for better collaboration and more effective groups or teams. Above all TDW is a call for performance-driven teamwork.

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Teams Don't Work™ (TDW) contains the latest research into team performance.  At this time it is only available to our clients as part of TDW workshops and programs.

Revenue Track™

The end to end process for the acquire and retain customers in the form of a Revenue Track – a F1-inspired race track where the twists and turns represent key tests from , marketing and service teams / functions.

Each stage of the track is packed with best practice tools and tips. It is Revenue Performance Management at its most powerful.

B2B Revolution™

‘The B2B Revolution’ reveals the true complexity of corporate buying and presents a compendium of best practice buyer-friendly tools to be used in the acquisition and retention of customers at each stage of the Revenue Track™.

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-907725-03-6
Pages: 500
Date: May 2016

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-907725-00-5
Pages: 347
Date: Aug. 2010

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics, measures all of these things:

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