Featured Book

The Upside of Turbulence by Donald Sull

The Upside of Turbulence is an enlightening look at the inherent paradox of how to strategize and plan in a turbulent business world where the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. In this book, based on a decade of research, historical case studies, and intensive work with established enterprises and start-ups, Donald Sull, named an “up and coming thinker” by the Financial Times, lays out the fundamental logic of opportunity and provides a series of practical steps to translate insight into action.

Featured Podcast

The High Performance Podcast: Episode 177 – Matthew Syed: How to think outside the box

Matthew Syed is an author and highly acclaimed speaker, he has written six bestselling books focusing on mindset and high performance. Matthew was England’s number-one table tennis player for over a decade, and he has competed in the Olympics for Team GB twice. In this episode, Matthew shares his insight into education, parenthood and leadership while also exploring risk-taking, creating a space for vulnerability in the workplace and how to find purpose in our lives.

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