10 Books recommendations 2022

    1. Nine lies about work – Ashley Goodall and Marcus Buckingham
    2. Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick – Chris Bradly, Martin Hirt, Sven Smith
    3. Lead from the Future – Josh Suskewicz and Mark W. Johnson
    4. The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek
    5. High Performance Lessons form the Best – Damian Hughes Jake Humphrey
    6. Stolen Focus – Johann Hari
    7. Doing Agile Right – Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk and Steven Berez
    8. The Business of Winning – Mark Gallagher
    9. Work Disrupted – Jeffrey M Schwartz and Susanne Riss
    10. Black Box ThinkingMatthew Syed
    11. Seeing around cornersRita Gunther McGrath



High Performance Podcast – Damian Hughes and Jake Humphrey

Dare to Lead – Brené Brown