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Is Your Critical Project On Track for Success?

Watch the short video to explore the power of pit-stopping your key projects, strategies & initiatives.

Is Your Project Critical?

Pitstops infuse traditional planning and strategy with speed and agility, as well as collaboration and innovation. They are ideal for leader teams and cross functional teams under pressure to deliver critical strategic initiatives in the following areas:

Technology Initiatives

  • New Processes or Systems
  • Infrastructure – New or Refresh
  • Digital Transformation

Organizational Initiatives

  • Organizational Re-structure
  • Operational Excellence
  • Regulatory Compliance

Market-related Initiatives

  • New products, Markets or Channels
  • New Business Models
  • Revenue Performance Management

How Ambitious Is Your Project?

Strategic projects are increasingly ambitious – often seeking to shape the future of the organization and even its industry.  Yet, to keep pace with accelerating change, time-frames for delivery have been slashed.

Delivering strategic projects has never been easy, but this combination of increased ambition and greater speed amplifies risks around execution.  It also puts traditional project management under pressure. 

How Critical Is Your Project?

  • Has it the potential to shape the future of the organization perhaps even it’s markets?
  • Is it directly linked to performance either now or in the future?
  • It it a key pillar of the organisation’s strategy?
  • If it fails will the consequences/costs be great?


What Is Required for Your Project’s Success?

By definition strategic projects are not business as usual, but rather business unusual.  They require a new way of working that is far removed from the normal every day running of the business.

The successful execution of today’s strategic projects demands greater agility and innovation than ever before.  But this cannot happen without taking cross-functional collaboration to a new level.



Looking to boost Agility & Collaboration?

The principles & techniques behind this more collaborative and agile mode of execution are clear from research with today’s most successful organizations.

However, to communicate the research findings we turn to the race track, rather than the board room. That is to F1™ and its inspirational approach to optimizing mid-race performance, called the pitstop.

Typically, pitstops boost confidence in execution by up to 21% in 24 weeks.

Want to pitstop
your key projects & strategic priorities?

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