What is it?

A solution that enables leaders to measure and maximize the performance, as well as the potential, of their organisation, business Units or teams.

Why/When to use it?

To Inform decisions in respect of
– Performance
– Leadership
– Talent
– Strategy-execution

To pitstop projects, priorities, initiatives and strategies

Agile approach, minimal time loss, speed to action

Input to skills development, team building, leadership and talent and strategy decisions

What are the benefits?

Accurate measurement of performance and potential, including how it can be maximized

Data driven decisions in respect of performance, growth, leadership, talent and strategy.

Change the nature of the debate about performance – designed to de-personalize and de-politicize.

Engagement process- generating energy & engagement in the analysis of the data and decision making process.

Speedily assess agree execute  – just like a pitstop.  No need for lengthy consultant reports.

What results does it deliver?

Pitstop Analytics™ is used to identify delivery quantifiable performance gains of 7-25% at the level of the organization, business unit, leader or team.

Improvements in performance and potential are tracked by means of trend analysis or before and after running of the analytics.

The speed and efficiency by which the data is gathered, reporting generated and ease of interpretation, results in a significant time saving…. of up to x or each team of 100 leaders.

What does it analyse?

It analyses performance and potential at the level of your organisation business units and leader or team.
It is built on an inventory of the key factors that limit performance called performance losses.  These factors can be transformed into performance gains of up to 25%.
Among the key categories are:
Performance dynamics – including organisational culture/health, group dynamics, norms and behaviours.
Performance design – these relate to organisational structure and team set-up or design including the right people in the right roles doing the right work and so on.
Strategy execution, Including  purpose, alignment, agility, visibility and control.
Leadership Talent, Including leadership, management, empowerment, vision, teamwork and so on.

Why/When to use it?

It is used whenever an objective scientific measure of performance and potential is required. When managers want to understand what performance is today and what it could be tomorrow.

It enables data driven decisions in respect of performance, growth, leadership, talent and strategy and teaming

Used to assess the progress of (as well as risks in respect of) key projects, initiatives, priorities and strategies. It can be done without falling behind, or losing time.

Looking for an external or internal benchmark of you organization/team's performance.

To engage managers and their teams in a future-focused and positive debate about performance.

To assess levels of energy, engagement and alignment among business leaders and their teams. It checks for blind-spots and reconciles divergent opinions among managers.

Who is it for?

For leaders and managers who are concerned with performance of the organisation a business Unit or team.

Why is it special?

It's a real breakthrough because it's the first in the world to measure not just past performance but the potential for future performance.  It does this using big dataalgorithm / analytics and predictive modelling.

What are the top features?

  • Online data capture (26 minutes per leader or manager)
  • Big data Analytics powered by a complex algorithm
  • Big data visualisation and predictive modelling
  • 4 levels of analysis organisation business unit team and leader / individual
  • Performance Data debrief
  • Engage your team in the output

What is the science?

Pitstop Analytics™ is based on more than a decade of research across 47 markets and 12 industries.

That includes research into the performance of 900+ teams in some of world’s largest organizations, as published in a series of 6 books.

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