Pitstop Analytics™ provides mission-critical data insights to accelerate & sustain your success.


What Concerns You Most?


Choose from any of these 7 powerful data-sets:

Performance POTENTIAL

A detailed analysis of the performance potential of your organization’s business units and teams.

CHANGE & Innovation

A penetrating analysis of your org/team’s ability to adapt & innovate in response to change.


Where alignment, teamwork and performance matter the most.

Leadership & TALENT

A barometer of your organization’s ability to leverage its talent to accelerate performance, innovation and growth.


Deep insight to the performance & potential of your strategic priorities & initiatives.


Got a specific problem or opportunity you want to illuminate with data? Our data scientists can help.

Helping Senior Leadership Teams and Function Heads (ranging from Talent to IT) to accelerate and sustain success.

Illuminating new options and strategies and revealing blind spots and risks in a VUCA world.

Looking for the Next 3%,
7% or 15%?

Pin-point the source(s) of performance gains for your organization, department or team.

Tracks progress over time as targeted performance gains are realized – as in the diagram.

Illuminating Blind-spots

Full visibility is full confidence.  But as a leader there are things that you probably cannot see, things they you not have been told about and risks that are hidden.

Pitstop Analytics™ provides full visibility, illuminating blind-spots and answering leaders questions.


Pitstop Analytics tackles key blindspots

Data at the Speed of a Pitstop

Inspired by the use of BIG data to drive performance in Formula One™.

Pitstop Analytics™ accelerates data gathering and analysis to enable faster and better decisions.

It’s speed saves you both time and money, while also enabling you to respond fast.

Clarity of Analysis

BIG data modelling & visualization is used to transform data into compelling and actionable insights.

Confident decisions and clear actions result from a powerful process than energizes and engages decisions makers and their stakeholders.

Deeper Multi-domain Analysis

Measures up to 6 time more variables than other business analytics tools/platforms.  That is because Pitstop Analytics™ integrates data-driven insights across multiple domains ranging from talent to leadership and strategy to culture.  The result is new revelations & insights.

BIG Data Visualization

Powerful BIG data visualization techniques bring the data to life and tell a story.  It minimizes bias and prevents information overload.  The result is better decisions leading to improved performance.

Reveals blind-spots

Pitstop Analytics™ doesn’t just confirm what leaders already suspect but reveals what they cannot otherwise see.  Challenges out-dated world-views by highlighting blind spots, latent risks and hidden inter connections.

Measuring Complexity

Measures metrics for performance, innovation and growth in a VUCA world. That includes variables previously considered un-measurable, intangible or ‘soft’ (e.g. Culture or Performance Potential).

Your team goes online – it takes just 26 minutes per person.

Using powerful analytics there is 10,000 datapoints for a medium-sized unit/team.

powerful algorithm analyses patterns in the data & compares to benchmark.

BIG data visualization techniques bring the data to life and tell a story.

Teams engage with the data in Pitstops identifying actions & quantifiable gains.

Progress in converting insight into action is tracked over time.