Pitstop Analytics

Data is key to sustained performance under pressure.  It identifies hidden risks and illuminates latent potential in respect of critical projects & vital teams. 

Pitstop Analytics™ is a next generation analytics platform. It is built on the world’s biggest database of performance losses – the real world factors that affect not just the performance, but also the potential of executives and their strategic initiatives.

Pitstop Analytics™ helps ambitious leaders to push (and re-define) the limits in terms of performance, talent, strategy execution & innovation.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a powerful yet speedy compliment to traditional assessment / analytical tools, including those from big vendors and traditional consulting houses.

PERFORMANCE: 37% Potential

The CEO of a global subsidiary discovers that the organization’s people are operating at just 63% of their full potential.

‘Imagine what we could achieve by tapping into the missing 37%’  she tells her leadership team.  Followed by a warning; ‘…imagine what will happen if we don’t!’

TALENT: Revealing $3.1 m Waste

The most lean and efficient business unit in a global corporation discovers an unexpected source of waste.  Time lost due to ineffective internal meetings and poor collaboration generally.

The bill for wasted time alone was put at $3.1 million annually.  But the opportunity cost was estimated at multiples of that figure.

Change & Innovation  45% Ready to Adapt

Could one of the industry’s oldest players sustain its success despite sweeping changes in technology, channels & competitors?

The data left no room for complacency.  On a 10-point agility scale, the score was a worrying 4.5.  But the data revealed a strong desire for change…

Client Stories: Examples of how Pitstop Analytics™ delivers Big data with a Real impact.

Strategy: 33% Execution Gap

The goal was to double turnover within 5 years.  But there were whispers about the organization’s readiness to execute the leadership team’s new strategy.

The data illuminated a 33% gap between strategy and execution.  Clearly, bringing the vision to life would require more work.

Client Stories: Examples of how Pitstop Analytics™ delivers Big data with a Real impact.

ALIGNMENT: 71% Cross-functional

“The new products, technologies and processes that we have planned cannot be delivered by heroic solo-runs or corporate silos” the CEO had repeatedly warned.

For an organization traditionally organized along rigid functional lines, the data putting alignment at 77% was greeted with interest.

Pitstop Analytics™ pioneers alternative data for leaders.

That is data that offers an alternative perspective, challenges the orthodoxy and illuminates new opportunities or challenges.

Pitstop Analytics™ measures what was previously considered un-measurable or messy.

Advances in data analytics & measurement techniques now make the ‘un-measurable’ measurable. 

Pitstop Analytics™ pioneers a new breed of KPIs. 

KPPIs (the extra P is for Potential) help managers to address the sustainability of performance.

Inspiration: Data to drive performance

Pitstop Analytics™ is inspired by Formula 1™ where the driver’s job is to push the car to the limit. In an increasingly fast-paced business environment, the leader’s job is the same.  Now just as at the racetrack, ambitious leaders have speedy access to data revealing what is really possible.

Helping ambitious leaders to redefine the limits of performance, talent, strategy & innovation.

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics, measures all of these things: