Pitstop Analytics™ boosts confidence in the success of key strategic priorities & the teams charged with executing on them, typically by 5-25%.

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Objectively assessing performance can be a challenge. Pitstops use powerful tools of analysis to generate greater insight and more confident decisions.

Pitstops rely on an accurate assessment of present performance as well potential future performance. Not only is big data required, but a means of bringing the data to life to energize and engage.  That is what Pitstop Analytics™ is all about.

Next Generation Analytics: Leveraging big data visualization to generate new insight:

Looking for New Insight, New Engagement or Both?

Some leaders just want clarity of analysis and robust data to illuminate the KSFs and risks in the execution of their strategy or initiative. Moreover, they want it with the speed of a pitstop!

Other leaders want the analysis, but they also want the data to engage, energize & align their team and its key stakeholders. Thankfully, pitstop approach is also a powerful engagement methodology.

Can You See the BIG Picture?

Being so close to the action, it can be difficult for managers to stand back – to ‘see the wood from the trees’ and to maintain an objective view of reality.

Pitstop Analytics enables leaders to see opportunities and challenges from different angles, that includes the critical outside-in perspective offered by stakeholders.  As a result it identifies KSFs and risks that typically remain hidden.

Critical Initiatives:  Mapping KSFs & Risks

The journey from strategy to success is not a straight line.  It has many twists and turns.  The Priority Track™ maps KSFs and Risks in the execution of critical projects & initiatives, with over 3000 datapoints per project or initiative (see level 1 in the visual).

Pitstop Analytics™ is not just about reports and graphs, but a high engagement process that generates breakthrough levels of awareness & dialogue, that changes behavior and spurs action.

Critical Teams: Modelling Performance Potential

The Pitstop Meta-Model™ is a visual representation of an algorithm illuminating the performance potential of a critical team based on an analysis of over 200 plus performance losses & gains (see level 1 in the visual).

The pitstop model reframes the issue of performance – de-personalising & depoliticizing what can be a difficult topic. The result is a new level of openness and engagement.

Performance Potential: Measuring the ‘Un-measurable'

Lots of people talk about performance potential, but we are the only ones who measure it and can model or visualize it too.  The same applied to the concept of Peak Performance – visualized here. 

Our models and tools enable diverse cross-functional and multicultural teams to look at opportunities and challenges in the same way.

Next Generation Analytics: More About Pitstop Analytics™:

Pitstop Analytics™ is a next-generation analytics solution designed for leaders in an increasingly complex & fasting-changing world.  

Algorithms are making more and more decisions.  How good those decisions are depends on the criteria used, relative weightings, etc.  This is written into the algorithm itself, but generally not visible to the outside world. Our approach is different.

We believe in transparency in the analysis of performance potential within projects and teams, with the method of calculation being clear – it has been published it in a series of books.

Pitstop Analytics™ pioneers alternative data for leaders.

That is data that offers an alternative perspective, challenges the orthodoxy and illuminates new opportunities or challenges.

Pitstop Analytics™ measures what was previously considered un-measurable or messy.

Advances in data analytics & measurement techniques now make the ‘un-measurable’ measurable. 

Pitstop Analytics™ pioneers a new breed of KPIs. 

KPPIs (the extra P is for Potential) help managers to address the sustainability of performance.

PERFORMANCE: 37% Potential

The CEO of a global subsidiary discovers that the organization's people are operating at just 63% of their full potential.

‘Imagine what we could achieve by tapping into the missing 37%’  she tells her leadership team.  Followed by a warning; ‘…imagine what will happen if we don’t!’

TALENT: Revealing $3.1 m Waste

The most lean and efficient business unit in a global corporation discovers an unexpected source of waste.  Time lost due to ineffective internal meetings and poor collaboration generally.

The bill for wasted time alone was put at $3.1 million annually.  But the opportunity cost was estimated at multiples of that figure.

Change & Innovation  45% Ready to Adapt

Could one of the industry’s oldest players sustain its success despite sweeping changes in technology, channels & competitors?

The data left no room for complacency.  On a 10-point agility scale, the score was a worrying 4.5.  But the data revealed a strong desire for change…

Client Stories: Examples of how Pitstop Analytics™ delivers Big data with a Real impact.

Strategy: 33% Execution Gap

The goal was to double turnover within 5 years.  But there were whispers about the organization’s readiness to execute the leadership team’s new strategy.

The data illuminated a 33% gap between strategy and execution.  Clearly, bringing the vision to life would require more work.

Client Stories: Examples of how Pitstop Analytics™ delivers Big data with a Real impact.

ALIGNMENT: 71% Cross-functional

“The new products, technologies and processes that we have planned cannot be delivered by heroic solo-runs or corporate silos” the CEO had repeatedly warned.

For an organization traditionally organized along rigid functional lines, the data putting alignment at 77% was greeted with interest.

Helping ambitious leaders to redefine the limits of performance, talent, strategy & innovation.

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics, measures all of these things:

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Priorities & Projects

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Talent & Team

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