Meta Analytics

How cross-functional is your organization or business unit? The opportunities & challenges of an increasingly complex and fast changing marketplace won't be solved by any single business function or management discipline.  All must work in unison.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a meta-analysis, presenting a cross-functional view of the requirements of success.  In so doing it leverages insights from multiple disciplines, including the newest fields of research.

While most people have their primary domain of expertise, the strength of a Senior Leadership Team derives from the integration of perspectives from multiple disciplines.

Because no one discipline has all the answers, Pitstop Analytics™ leverages insights from social psychology & behavioural economics, as well traditional areas such as organisational design, strategy and leadership.

“A house divided will fall” and in a fast-changing world, such is the fate of organizations whose business units, departments and teams struggle to collaborate.  Without effective cross-functional collaboration, organizational agility and innovation will inevitably falter.

Pitstop Analytics™ engages all members of the Senior Leadership Team equally in a new level of awareness and dialog.  It looks beyond functional silos to provides a 360 degree view of performance and potential. 

Other analytics work in silos, they provide a manager with stand-alone data on a specific area or issue. Then another manager in a different function gets their own narrowly focused data too.

The result is lots of detail on the parts, but little understanding of the whole. But just who has the Big picture holistic view or can see how all the parts work together?  The answer is those leaders using Pitstop Analytics™.

Performance cannot be seen in isolation from Talent, or Talent from Strategy.  Nor can the requirements for innovation be divorced from leadership, organizational culture or design.  They are like the parts of a machine – all inter-connected.

Yet in different departments leaders are busy working on their own specific ‘part', often oblivious to what is happening elsewhere.  Little wonder that there are crunching sounds when the parts interact with each other. Pitstop Analytics™ ensures that all the parts work well together.

Here is something you don't hear or probably say often enough – that is: “It is complex“. In a world of pundits and soundbites, there is a tendency to look for the easy answer or solution – only to end up disappointed.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a multi-variate analysis – analyzing 3 to 5 times more variables. It is the application of Systems Dynamics to leadership – looking beyond “the obvious” to reveal hidden underlying patterns and resulting is most effective & sustainable solutions.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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