Change-Engage Model


Too many change initiatives fail.  They are launched with a fanfare, but somewhere down the road a wheel comes off!

The cumulative result of these failures and false-starts is a general skepticism regarding change.

Understanding Group Change

There are many models that help to explain why it can be difficult for an individual to change.  But what about change that is required of a group, a team or an entire organization?

The pitstop model embraces the complexity of change through the lens of social psychology.   It provides a framework for engaging widely in the process of generating and sustaining change.

Engagement is Vital

Engagement is a vital ingredient in the process of change.  Yet, in the rush to ‘make things happen’ it often gets neglected.

Pitstop programs are based on a six-step group engage-change model designed to accelerate ownership and accountability for change.

The secret to engage-change is to slow down and to generate Awareness, Dialog and Focus.  Only then is it safe to speed up with confidence to Mobilize, Act and Sustain.

A key objective of all pitstop interventions is to create a safe environment for leaders to open up and have honest, respectful and yet challenging dialog.  Such dialog is often referred to as Strategic Conversations – those conversations that are strategically important but tend not to happen in the day to day running of the business.  Perhaps they are political or otherwise controversial.

The Pitlane Engage-Change Model is examined in the  ‘Growth Pitstop’ and ‘Pitstop’ to Perform Books.

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