Performance Potential

What % of your business unit or team’s full potential is presently being exploited?

Most business units and teams have a lot more to give.  Indeed, data shows that as much as 39% of the full potential of any unit or team goes unexploited*.  The BIG question is: How much of your business unit or team’s full potential is presently being exploited?

What is Performance Potential?

Many organizations are meeting their targets, while a great number of their people are operating at between 55% and 70% of what they are capable of.  That is why ‘performance’ and ‘performance potential’ are two separate things.

Look within even the most successful organizations and you will find leaders and teams that are performing well below their full potential.  This is true of industry titans and innovative start-ups.  Indeed, the average across 47 markets and 12 industries is just 61% of full potential exploited*.

Finding Hidden Potential

The conclusion from research is clear – there is no shortage of potential within organizations, business units and teams.  Much of it is hidden however.  For example you won’t find it listed on the balance sheet!

The performance potential of an organisation, although hidden, could be its greatest resource – more valuable than additional production capacity, buildings or plant.  That is why finding and exploiting your business unit or team’s hidden potential is a strategic priority.  It is also our mission.

What Products / Solutions
Are You Looking For?

We help ambitious leaders to unlock the performance potential of their business units and teams (typically 7-25%) through:

New Breakthroughs in Performance Potential

Growth Pitstop® enables leaders to systematically identify and exploit the performance potential of their business units & teams.  This is made possible by the new science & psychology of performance, backed by BIG data analytics.

Today we have a much deeper understanding of the many factors that impact on individual and collective performance.  That is thanks to new insights from social psychology & behavioral economics.  Using BIG data analytics these drivers of potential can now be scientifically measured, modeled & unlocked.

Your Team’s Full Potential

Imagine your business unit or team operating at 70%, 80% or 90% of its full potential.  What new innovations, efficiencies & products might result?   Think of the impact on the performance, as well as the well-being, of your people.

Growth Pitstop® guides leaders and their teams through the process of unlocking the next 5%, 10%, 15% or more of their full potential.  The process involves identifying a unit or team’s performance losses and converting them into gains.  This is data-driven and powered by a model of change & engagement.

Based on a decade of applied research and inspired by the use of BIG data performance analytics in F1™, Growth Pitstop® enables leaders and their business units or teams to:

Measure the performance potential of your unit or team and put a number on it.  This is called the P2P Metric™, or the ratio of performance to potential.

Visualize the 186 factors (called performance losses, or gains) that determine the performance potential of your business unit or team – its zone of performance.

Systematically identify performance losses for your business unit or team and convert them into gains, typically that means gains of between 7-25%.

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* Research across 47 markets & 12 industries, published in Pitstop to Perform™, ISBN: 978-1-907725-08-1, 2018.